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I’ve got a quick review for of what is really only one simple product but it’s big with over thirty pictures in it as there are five different colors of this product. The review is of silicone or TPU cases from Pvendor for the Samsung Galaxy S6 and there are five of them in five different colors and they’re really inexpensive but they’re decent for the price for sure. Read on to learn more…

Specifications and Features

S6 Case, Pvendor 5Pack/Lots Galaxy S6 Case, New Slim Transparent Silicone Gel TPU Case Cover Skin for Samsung Galaxy S6 G9200 2015 ,Scratch Resistant, Crystal Clear Design[White, Blue, Pink, Grey,Yellow]

-Fits perfectly for the 2015 Samsung Galaxy S6 G920
-Precise cut-outs allow accesses to all controls and features (Cameras, Ports, and Buttons)
-Soft, ultra slim ,lightweight and durable TPU silicone case; Easily to install and take off.
-Effectively protects your Cell phone against dust, dirt, bump and scratches.
-Package: 5 colors /pack(White+Blue+Pink+Grey+Yellow)

TPU, also known as thermoplastic polyurethane, is more cut and tear resistant than regular rubber. It is abrasion resistant, and has a high degree of transparency.

Ultra Slim and Light Weight Design – Show off Natural Beauty!
This case accentuates the original beauty of the your phone . It’s only 0.3mm and you will feel it’s barely not there.

Scratch Resistant with Superior Protection
The Pvendor TPU Gel case is scratch resistant both inside and out, providing a clean presentation of your device. The raised ridge provides additional scratch protection, assuring a pristine look and feel.

Flexible Soft Silicone Rubber Case
Flexible, Elastic, and Durable soft TPU material allows a comfortable grip.

Ergonomic Design allows Full Access
Precisely cutouts allow you to maximize the functionality of your phone. Just use it without having to remove the skin.

Package includes:
5x Transparent TPU Case for Samsung Galaxy S6(White,Blue,Pink,Gray,Yellow)

Price: $6.49 (from Amazon at time of review)

The Review

THe cases comes packaged in bubble wrap and then each one is individually wrapped in a plastic bag and they have cardboard inside of them to help them keep their shape.

pvensili1 pvensili2



The colors in this pack are pink, blue, yellow, gray and clear. Each case has cut-outs for the ports and camera along with protrusions where the buttons are to make it easier to feel them.


 pvensili5 pvensili6

 pvensili7 pvensili8 


All of the cases are slightly textured on the inside to make sure your phone stays put and it’s not scratched. The tops or backs of the cases are very smooth and glossy while the inside is more of a semi-gloss finish.



These cases are for the Samsung Galaxy S6 specifically but Pvendor does have cases for other phones as well.



The cases fit very well on the Galaxy S6 and they allow easy access to all the ports, buttons and camera. The cases slightly come up over the edge of the phone to protect the edges and the camera area is cut open wide to make sure it’s not obstructing the camera at all.  The cases are very thin and don’t really add much bulk or any weight really to the phone. Even though they’re thin they should do a decent job of protecting the phone from daily life and keep it looking nice and new.

pvensili11 pvensili12 pvensili13 pvensili14 pvensili15 

pvensili16 pvensili17 pvensili18 pvensili19 

pvensili20 pvensili21 pvensili22 

pvensili23 pvensili24 pvensili25 pvensili26 pvensili27 

pvensili28 pvensili29 pvensili30 pvensili31 pvensili32




The Pvendor Silicone cases for the Samsung Galaxy S6 are very inexpensive. If you’re looking for a cheap case you could pay as much for a single one as you would for this five pack so it’s a great deal really and you could have one for every day of the work week so you don’t wear them out and for something different.

I could complain about some tiny extra bits of silicone here and there on the cases but for this price I don’t expect perfection and it just comes right off very easily.

These aren’t bad cases overall, they do offer a basic level of protection, just don’t expect them to protect your phone if you drop it.

+Very inexpensive
+Really doesn’t add bulk to the phone at all
+Decent basic protection
+Multiple colors in one pack
+Access to all ports and buttons is unobstructed

-None really

score-10-10 Recommended


Scores Out of 10
Design / Aestheticscore-10-10
Value / Pricescore-10-10
Performance / Usagescore-10-10

Disclosure: This product was given to us for review by the company for review purposes only, and is not considered by us as payment for the review.

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