Review of Rock Elegant Smart View Flip Case for Samsung Galaxy S5


Testing and Usage


This case is another in the line of simply designed cases that offer other functionalities. It’s an ultra-thin design that provides a smart window to allow you to use several different functions on the phone using the downloadable app.

With the card I mentioned earlier in the review, you need to have a QR code scanner and when that code is scanned it will allow you to download the app needed.

It’s an easy to use app once installed. It offers little in the way of personalization other than changing the color of the smart window screen on the phone.

The slim case is made of a polycarbonate material that is flexible and cushions the phone inside of it. There cutouts on the back of it one large enough to use the camera, flash and hear rate monitor without interfering with the functionality of those applications.

The case is also thick enough to allow the lens of the camera to be raised off of hard surfaces so it does not get scratched when it is set down. There is also a cut out at the bottom left for the speaker.



On the bottom of the case you will notice that there is a very wide opening that allows you to charge your phone. This large wide opening allows this case to stay on while docked.



On the top as well, there are cutouts for the headphone jack and the infrared beam.



On the right side of the case, there is a small cutout for the power button.



The volume buttons on the left side of the screen are covered by the side flip design of the case. However, once the case is opened you are able to use that function without any interference.

The case is beautifully designed in its simplicity and integrates beautifully with the S5 phone. As I have seen with other cases, the sides of this case do not overlap the screen. The sides rest right above the screen, but do not allow the phone to move out of the case.

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The soft microfiber inside of the flap rest s on the screen and the microfiber material assist in not scratching the screen.



Once the app is installed it will launch automatically every time you use your phone. The app has a power down button on the main screen if you are not interested in using it all the time.



The settings are simple and you can only control the bottom three options in settings. The intelligent wake up function, sleep time setting function and window color settings function. Once you hit save and return you will be able to use the changes you make.



The main function is the clock setting. On the clock setting screen it will show you your battery percentage, your WIFI connection and how many bars you are connected with. If does not tell you if you are on 4g or 3g.



With the case cover closed and the screen is off, if you press the power button to wake the screen up, you will be able to scroll left or right to use other functions of the app.

The Rock Elegant case will allow you to control the music you are listening too. You will be able to pause, skip forward or go backward to a previous song.



If you continue scrolling either left or right, you come to a third screen that allows you to put your phone on silent, vibrate or normal and allows you access to the flashlight which is a brilliant idea.



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