Review of Samdi Saige Nano Micro Sim Adapter Kit

Standards, I wish there were standards for things across the tech industry but there isn’t, different ports, different connections and especially with phones there are varying sim card sizes. I love having a phone with a sim card as I can easily swap it out as I need to but not all phones use the same size sim card sadly. I have a nano sim card in my Samsung Galaxy S6 but I recently got a phone for review that uses a standard sized sim card, that wasn’t going to work so I headed over to Amazon and purchased a sim adapter kit and I’m happy I did so I thought it was worth a quick review to share it with you in case someone out there is in the market for one. Read on to learn more..

Specifications and Features


They do include a carrying case and they suggest you put it in your wallet, not sure why as I don’t change sims or phones that much that I would need to carry it everywhere with me, but whatever. The case is nice to have as it keeps all the parts in one place for you and it protects them as well. Included are adapters for nano to micro, nano to standard and micro to standard and they even include a metal sim removal tool. The adapters are even labeled for you in case you can’t figure it out yourself.

saigesim2 saigesim3


The sim adapters are a black plastic  material that is flexible and there’s a clear very thin film on the top.

saigesim4 saigesim5


I tried both the micro and nano adapters as I’ve got both of those types of sim cards. For the most part it’s fairly easy to get the sim cards into the adapters but you really need to push hard, and I mean very hard to get it to sit flush with the adapter. I found putting it on a sturdy flat surface like a table and pushing down works the best as it applies even pressure and the sim pops into place. I should note it’s easy to put it in wrong, the sim shouldn’t fall out when you turn it over, if it does it’s in wrong. If you put the sim in wrong it can get stuck in the phone and maybe damage it. Getting the nano sim card out can be tricky, you just have to sort of bend and twist the adapter and it will come loose. The adapters are so thin I was actually afraid I’d break it by bending and twisting but it was fine.

saigesim6 saigesim7 



The last time I used one of these sim adapter kits I broke the sim card slot in my phone as it got stuck and jammed in there and when I pulled it out it pulled and bent the metal contacts in the phone. The other adapter I used wasn’t like this one though, the sim just sat loosely in the adapter but this one is much better as the sim card locks into place basically. I used my nano sim card with the nano to standard adapter and it worked fine with my phone, no issues getting it in and none at all removing it. I’m very happy with how this works.





Not everybody needs sim card adapters but if you’re going to get one I can highly recommend this one as it works well.

I can tell you from experience you want to make sure you get one that works correctly and this one does. You do not want to the adapter stuck in the sim card slot as there’s a high chance it will ruin it. I had no issues at all getting the adapter into and out of my phone and I’ll happily keep using it as I need to, I’m very happy with my purchase for sure.

Just be warned it can be tricky to get the sim card into the adapter, you have to make sure it’s secure in place before trying to use it.

+Includes carrying case
+Micro and nano sim adapters included
+Sturdy adapters

-Can be difficult to get sim into adapter

score-8-10 Recommended


Scores Out of 10
Overall score-8-10
Design / Aesthetic score-8-10
Value / Price score-8-10
Performance / Usage score-8-10

Disclosure: I purchased this product for my personal use and thought a review would benefit other consumers in making an informed purchasing decision.

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