Review of SHABA Infinity Light Bluetooth Stereo Speaker

It’s been long time since I’ve reviewed a Bluetooth speaker and the one I have today is so much more that just a speaker. This speaker is from Shaba and it features infinity 3d light effects, but it’s also a speakerphone, alarm clock, FM radio and a lot more. The speaker is big yes, but it’s well made and it can just do so much. Read on to learn more…

Specifications and Features

shaba1 shaba2


The main aesthetic feature of this speaker is the light show called infinity lighting which is basically just done with a mirror to make it look like the lights go on and on or like in a tunnel, but it looks really nice. There is small display screen below the lights and behind the front grill which shows the mode and is used for tuning the FM radio stations.



There are a lot of buttons on the speaker. On the front is the main control panel in a semi-circle with buttons for next and previous songs which are also the volume up and down buttons, you just hold them in to access the volume function. The next button is the play/pause button but it’s also the answer/end call button. Next button down is for the equalizer which has modes for flat, loud, bass, jazz, rock and pop, each button press changes the mode. The last button is for the lighting effects and it’s an asterisk, hold the button to turn it on and off and just tap to switch modes. There’s an always on mode, and then there’s a breathing mode and there’s also a mode that’s supposed to light up with the music but it barely worked for me. I had my phone hooked up via the aux cable and the volume all the way up and the lights barely blinked. To me I don’t care much that this didn’t work, I much prefer the solid lighting mode myself. At the very bottom, below the buttons, you’ll see one oval LED and four round LEDs. The oval LED is to indicate power and Bluetooth connections.  The four round LEDs are to indicate battery level in 25% increments.


On the left side of the speaker you’ll find a lot more buttons and ports. On the top side you’ll see three buttons for battery check, Bluetooth and the last is the power and mode button.


There are two bordered sections as well on the right side. The first section has connections for auxiliary input and headphones and then a standard USB port for charging your devices from the internal battery. The next section has a micro SD slot and micro USB port for charging and then two small holes for a strap. The Shaba speaker can be an MP3 player, just put your music on a microSD card and put it in and you’re set. You can also record to the card as there is a built-in speaker that’s used for the phone and recording.

shaba6 shaba7


The other set of buttons are reversed from the main ones, you need to flip the speaker over. These buttons are for the clock and they are clock, alarm, snooze and plus and minus.

shaba8 shaba9


The Shaba speaker also has a built-in stand, the bottom section fold out to hold the speaker up

shaba10 shaba11


I used my phone with the speaker in both Bluetooth and aux modes and it worked fine, the phone and speaker paired with no problems and I could control the phone with the controls on the speaker.



The sound can get very loud with little to no distortion at high volumes.

The FM radio isn’t the greatest as it relies on a signal over the air so that can be problematic at times, but it’s nice to have anyway.



The Shaba Infinity Bluetooth Speaker is certainly a multifunctional device as it can do all sorts of things. The speaker can be an MP3 player, auxiliary speaker, FM radio, Bluetooth speaker, speakerphone, clock, alarm clock, recording device and even a power bank to charge your other devices.

I was going to mention something about the price is a bit high, but considering everything it can do, the price is about right.

Sound is decent overall, the equalizer does help with sound overall and you can personalize it to your liking.

The 3D lighting effects are very nice, they make for a great looking presentation. I got two of the modes to work but the third didn’t really work, but it’s not a big issue to me personally.

+Truly multifunctional
+Aesthetically pleasing
+Loud and clear
+Well made

-One lighting mode didn’t work really



Scores Out of 10
Overall score-9-10
Design / Aesthetic score-10-10
Value / Price score-8-10
Performance / Usage score-8-10

Disclosure: This product was given to me for review by the company for review purposes only for free or at a discounted price.

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