The Top 5 Things You Can Do with Microsoft Software


While many use Microsoft software programs for writing documents, creating presentations, or to make invitations with Word Art, there are actually so many other usable tools within the software package that go unnoticed and often untouched by most users. In this article we will identify ways in which you can take greater advantage of Microsoft office and other Microsoft products.

  1. Microsoft Outlook is fantastic for organizing your personal and work life. While businesses have used Outlook for years, the product is not infiltrating into households all over the world. Many use Outlook for email, calendars, and to keep track of contacts. This application is fairly user friendly and the interface is clean, sleek, and will not strain your eyes. This is important as chances are you could be looking at your computer screen for an extended period of time if you are reading emails and managing your work and family calendars.
  2. Manage projects, create timelines, and organize tasks all in one spreadsheet with the use of Microsoft Project software. This software is perfect for small businesses who have multiple projects going at any given time. The key to a successful business is staying organized and on top of your tasks. Download Microsoft Project Australia today and you will instantly take control of your administrative tasks that have been dragging you down. Your project manager will be delighted to be able to develop plans, assign tasks, and track progress in one system. You can easily manage budget and analyze workloads with the same software.
  3. Create presentations using PowerPoint. This is a common business practice but people are using PowerPoint more and more these days for tasks at home. You can use PowerPoint for things like creating sewing patterns, portfolios for a job interview, and even create a children’s book!
  4. OneNote is unique in that it has the ability to gather notes, both handwritten and typed, documents, clippings, and other forms of notetaking and synthesize into a streamlined, usable document. These notes can then be shared with other users or on the internet. Users like OneNote because bitmap images can be uploaded into documents without sacrificing the image quality. The interface is user-friendly as it looks like a simple three ring binder.
  5. Microsoft Publisher is a favorite among those who want to create marketing materials such as brochures, postcards, and posters. While this software package can be cumbersome at times if you are not familiar with it, you can create some creative and professional looking documents with it.
  6. And a bonus: Microsoft Teams is absolutely loaded with features designed to enhance collaboration. Avepoint’s guide explains that between the chats, channels, Teams, @mentions, and likes, notifications can certainly get out of control in a hurry!
    That said, it’s also super important to understand how to make sure you’re not missing anything important or relevant to your workstream.

There are so many things you can do with Microsoft Software packages. The ability to use the software at home or at work makes the products versatile and a good value for the money spent. Organize your home and work life with Microsoft Outlook, create invitations or presentations with PowerPoint, streamline projects and tasks with Project, and utilize OneNote to track notes, ideas, and work all in one place. The functionality and ease of use make these products a household name and an office must-have.