Review of Smarter Stand for iPad

During my time as a reviewer I have had the opportunity to review and preview many up-and-coming products. Today is the first time I will be looking at a KickStarter project before it even finishes its initial funding effort. The Smarter Stand is a project from Dotan Saguy.

This product can be classified as an accessory enhancement is it works with pre-existing iPad accessories – the Smart Cover and Smart Case. It works by making these accessories more functional by providing more viewing angles and positions to rest in as a stand.

The Smarter Stand is one of those ideas where you say to yourself – “why didn’t I think of that?” This product is basically a pair of clips that lock onto the Smart Cover to increase its possible stand positions depending on the placement of one or two of the Smarter Stand clips.

Other people have used binder clips for the same effect, so why invest in the Smarter Stand? For one, this is a more elegant solution that does not run the risk of scratching your iPad with the binder clips. Plus the Smarter Stand clips can remain in place as opposed to the binder clips that should be taken off when not in use.

The Smarter Stand sample I received comes with three clips, two non-slip pads along with a quick start guide. The clips come in various colors but for this review we received the white versions.


 SmartStand02 SmartStand03

The clip is soft and slides onto and along the edge of the neoprene Smart Cover. Appearance wise the clip is designed to match with the contour of the Apple cover, when resting on a fold the edges line up on the clip and the cover.

While only two clips are needed, the package includes a spare in case one breaks or gets lost.

Each component has the Smarter logo embossed on it. The Smarter Stand clips are composed of a semi-rigid plastic material.


SmartStand05 SmartStand06


SmartStand07 SmartStand08

Next lay the iPad flat and attach the two clips on either side of the widest pane of the Smart Cover. This is described as the neutral/forward storage position.


On the quick start guide there are three positions demonstrated. Additional positions are demonstrated on their KickStarter web page.

The 33° stand involves moving one clip to the 1st fold of the Smart Cover.

SmartStand10 SmartStand11

The 45° stand involves one clip in the same position as the 33° stand in the 2nd over the 2nd fold of the Smart Cover.

SmartStand12 SmartStand13

Finally placing both clips into the 2nd fold of the Smart Cover creates a private typing stand mode.

SmartStand14 SmartStand15

From testing the Smarter Stand, I noticed that sliding on the clips took a little manipulation but once they were in place they were easily moved by sliding them along the edge of the Smart Cover.

Physically the Smarter Stand is minimal in weight and adds very little bulk to the Smart Cover and conversely the iPad.

I generally use my iPad with the SmartStand16

SmartStand01 SmartStand03 SmartStand04 SmartStand13

The Smarter Stand is a great idea to help make Apple’s popular Smart Cover or Smart Case become more functional. They match the aesthetic of the cover and the additional colors can help liven up the commonly found iPad cover.

Right now they can be purchased from the KickStarter campaign at around $12-14 depending on whether you want a color or not. Once they go on sale they will retail around $20 which seems a little expensive for what they do; priced at 40% of the cost is a little steep for a set of clip.

The market will probably adjust the price to the 10-15 dollar range making these a much better deal. I believe they will probably be found online for around $15. The good news is the project is already fully funded so for the next eleven days you can take advantage of the lower pledge pricing.


+Easy to use
+Work as advertised

-A little tricky to slide onto the Smart Cover

Overall score-9-10
Design score-9-10
Performance score-10-10

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