Review of Smartfish Whirl Mini Laser Mouse w/ Anti-Gravity Comfort Pivot

The mouse is probably the most important device when it comes to computers, well maybe tied with the keyboard. When it comes to mice you’ve got plenty of options, and not all are created equal that’s for sure. The mouse hasn’t changed much really, but some companies try and redesign them like Smartfish. Today for review I’ve got the Smartfish Whirl Mini Laser Mouse that is unlike any other mouse out there. The Whirl features a laser sensor so it tracks very well on most any surface. What makes the Whirl different is the design of it. The Whirl features what Smartfish calls ErgoMotion, the mouse sits up on sort of a pedestal and the mouse itself pivots all different ways supposedly making it more comfortable and ergonomic. It’s certianly a unique mousing experience.

The Whirl arrived to me in just a plain white box, inside the mouse was wrapped in bubble and included was a user manual and batteries.

snapo1 snapo2

The mouse has just two buttons and a scroll wheel, it’s fairly basic. Here’s a few views of it for you, as you can see it sits up on a pedestal like base, the mouse pivots on it. The sides have a rubberized feeling to them, and the one I got is silver but it’s available in other colors as well.

snapo3 snapo4 snapo5 snapo6

On the bottom you’ll find the laser sensor, on/off switch and teflon feet.


On the bottom of the actual mouse is a door where the batteries go and you’ll find the mini USB receiver there. The receiver can be put back in when not is use for storage and transport so you don’t lose it.

snapo8 snapo9


snapo2 snapo4 snapo5 snapo9

The Smartfish Whirl is great little mouse that can be used on any surface with no difficulties and perfect tracking.

The Whirl is well made and it’s wireless over USB so you can be free of the cord.

The USB receiver stores in the back of the mouse for safe keeping, and it uses regular batteries.


+Excellent tracking
+Seems well made
+Wireless and portable

-Takes a while to get accustomed to

Overall score-9-10
Design score-9-10
Performance score-9-10

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