Review of Speck CandyShell Flip for iPhone 4S/4

Today we will look at an iPhone for 4S/4 case from Speck. The CandyShell Flip is a variant of the CandyShell line that includes a flip up bottom section allowing the phone to be docked onto a cradle without having to take off the case. It is designed to absorb shock and impacts with its hard plastic polycarbonate and soft rubber TPE construction. It also has an extended bezel to keep the front of the screen protected. Speck provides a no slip grip that keeps the phone from slipping out of one’s hands.

The CandyShell Flip for iPhone 4S/4 comes packaged in a cardboard clamshell package. The case can visualized through the clear plastic holder; on the front side is a list of features for the case. On the back are some additional descriptions of the product in several different languages.

Speck01 Speck02

Opening the package we just find the case and an instruction sheet. Speck offers the case in six color combinations including White/Raspberry, Black/Peacock, Black/Gray, Bubblegum/Peacock, Black/Pomodoro, and White/Charcoal. For today’s review we will be looking at the Black/Peacock model.

The case is composed of a hard plastic polycarbonate and softer rubber TPE. Unlike the standard CandyShell case which needs to have the iPhone slip through the front, the flip bottom allows the to slide the iPhone into the case.


Speck04 Speck05

As with most iPhone cases you’ll find me requisite openings for the headphone jack, camera and dock connector. Rubberized buttons cover the volume controls and the power button. The inside of the case has been soft rubber TPE material on the outside is the harder polycarbonate. The black on this case is more than mirror like candle black finish

Speck06 Speck07



The one drawback to the rubber case is if you use a screen shield, the case may lift it up off the phone.


All of the controls and inputs are easily accessible. The dock connector was able to readily connect to my XtrremeMac InCharge Sync charger by flipping the lower door.

Speck10 Speck11 Speck12 Speck13

My wife has been using the case for the past week and has had no complaints using the CandyShell Flip for iPhone 4S/4 with her iPhone 4S.

In terms of protection, the CandyShell Flip for iPhone 4S/4 does a good job with its solid construction. Most falls will be absorbed by the case rather than the iPhone. The evelated front bezel provides a measure of protection to the phone’s screen especially when laying the iPhone face down on a surface. Obviously the screen is still exposed as it is with most iPhone cases, but that is the traded off for using a touchscreen device.

Speck01 Speck02 Speck04 Speck09


Speck is preparing for the recent release of the iPhone 5 with a slew of new cases for that phone. In the meantime there are millions of iPhone 4/4S phones, which still need protection, and the CandyShell Flip for iPhone 4S/4 is a great choice. It is solidly built while providing access to all the phone’s controls. It is priced at $34.95 on the Speck website although it can be found on 9

+Solid construction
+Will protect against most moderate to sever trauma
+Works with some docks even when the case is on the iPhone 4/4S

-If using screen protector, the case may slide it out of positio

Overall score-9-10
Design score-9-10
Performance score-9-10

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