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As a member of a two car family I always seem to get the car without the built in Bluetooth speaker phone system. For me that means I have to keep a Bluetooth earpiece attached to my head on most car rides. Thankfully SuperTooth has come out with a new Bluetooth car speakerphone called the Crystal to help solve this problem.

The SuperTooth Crystal is a versatile Bluetooth car speakerphone as it can play back music from Bluetooth A2DP enabled phones, announce GPS instructions as well as function as a hands free system. This last feature is great for those with stringent hands free driving laws. The Crystal is simple to install and pair up. Plus it works flawlessly with the iPhone 4S and Siri.

The SuperTooth Crystal comes packaged in a black cardboard box with the speakerphone visualized through a clear plastic window. On the sides of the package is a scaled image of the device in profile to provide the user an idea of its actual size. In the back is a list of the package contents and multi-language list of product features.


 Crystal02 Crystal03 

Opening the package we find the SuperTooth Crystal speakerphone, a USB to micro USB cable, USB car charger, a metal clip and user guide. SuperTooth offers the Crystal in five colors – black, silver, blue, purple and white. For today’s review we will look at the black model.


The feature set on the Crystal is pretty impressive as it has a Lithium Ion battery that has a 20 hour talk capacity, and 40 days of standby time coming from a three hour charge cycle, Bluetooth A2DP capability allowing the speakerphone to play back music or GPS voice commands and MultiPoint technology allowing the Crystal to connect to two phones simultaneously.

The Crystal weighs in at 100 grams or 113 when attached to the metal visor clip and measures 4.9 cm x 13 cm x 1.4 cm. It is composed of black-brushed metal appearing plastic with four buttons around the perimeter and a silver disk surrounding the main Multi-Function button. Its pill shape is reminiscent of the Sony Ericsson phones from the early 2000s.

The SuperTooth logo is seen at the bottom right of the unit below the speaker area.

Crystal05 Crystal06

On the top center area are the Volume control buttons, while on the left hand side adjacent to the Multi-Function button is the microphone. The Multi-Function button is used to answer, end calls and voice dial on the Crystal. On the bottom we find the End/Reject call and Power buttons. At the center of this Multi-Function button is a phone icon that is illuminated by a blue LED when is use.

Crystal07 Crystal08 


On the back side of the Crystal we find a micro-USB port for charging the unit and a magnetic disk for attaching the device to the clip in one’s vehicle.


The clip is composed of solid black colored metal. SuperTooth also includes a Micro Auto Charger that has an output of 5V/0.5A for charging the Crystal when used with the included USB cable.

Crystal11 Crystal12


SuperTooth Crystal

Clip, connect, drive!

The SuperTooth Crystal is a Bluetooth car speakerphone. It links wirelessly by Bluetooth with your phone and allows you to have hands-free calls while driving. Keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel!

The SuperTooth Crystal doesn’t require any installation. Just attach it to your car’s sun visor via its durable, magnetic clip and enjoy hands-free calls while driving!

Drive in style!

The SuperTooth Crystal features an ultra sleek design and high-quality finishings to fit perfectly into any car.

It is user-friendly with its forefront, big buttons making access to the key commands much easier.

Talk around the clock!

The SuperTooth Crystal provides up to 20 hours of hands-free talk time or 40 days of stand-by time with a 3 hours charge of its lithium-ion battery.

You’ll never be short of battery, as the SuperTooth Crystal beeps when its battery is low.

Sweetie AND your boss! The SuperTooth Crystal supports Multipoint technology. It is very practical if you have both a personal and a business mobile phone, as it can be connected to both phones simultaneously. You don’t have to choose anymore!

The intelligent speakerphone The SuperTooth Crystal’s fully automatic pairing feature makes it easy to use for anybody. Just enter your car, bang the door, and the SuperTooth Crystal will automatically reconnect to your phone. For added convenience, it will beep to confirm reconnection.

Keep tabs on battery life You’ll never run out of juice with SuperTooth CRYSTAL. To check battery status, glance at the battery meter that automatically displays in the status bar of your iPhone .

GPS friendly The SuperTooth Crystal supports Bluetooth A2DP to stream music directly from compatible phones. It can also announce turn-by-turn navigation from all Bluetooth A2DP-enabled smartphones.

Technical specifications:

– Bluetooth hands-free kit version 3.0

– Quick fixation on sun visor via metal clip

– Headset and hands-free profiles

– Multipoint : 2 phones can be paired simultaneously

– Streams the music of your phone / Announces GPS instructions of your smartphone via Bluetooth A2DP profile

– Low battery audio signal

– Automatic pairing

– Full Duplex


– Operating range : 10 meters

– Frequency : 2.4 GHz

– Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery

– Voice recognition dialing (if phone supports)

– Last call redial

– Reject incoming call

Size and weight:

Height: 49 mm

Width: 130 mm

Depth: 14 mm

Weight: 100 grams / 113 grams (with metal clip)

Battery life:

Talk time: 20 hours

Stand-by time: 1 000 hours

Charging time: 3 hours

Battery type: Lithium-Ion

MSRP: Not Yet Available

For testing I used the Crystal with the iPhone 4S. Pairing was a simple process as the Crystal goes right into pairing mode when first powered up. All I needed was to go into the iPhone’s Settings->General->Bluetooth and select the Crystal from the pairing choices. The process is automatic from that point as the iPhone 4S did not need a pairing code.

Installation of the Crystal in one’s vehicle involves sliding the metal clip onto one of the front window visors and then attaching the Crystal via its built in magnet to the clip. Removing the Crystal is simple as pulling it off the clip.

Crystal13 Crystal14

Turning on the Crystal is accomplished by pressing the power button for one to two seconds until you hear the audible Bluetooth noise indicating the Crystal is now on. Now the speakerphone will handle all of your phone’s audio unless you select otherwise off your handset. Handsfree calling can be accomplished by pressing the MultiFunction button and then using voice commands if your phone has that capability. Using the iPhone 4S activated Siri when pressing the Multi-Function button. To hang up simply hit the Multi-Function or End call buttons on the Crystal unit.

Answering an incoming call is as simple as pressing the Multi-Function button.

If you don’t have voice command, initiating a call from your handset will then transfer the audio over to the Crystal.

Like most Bluetooth audio devices the call clarity on the Crystal ranged from excellent to poor but that has to do more with the cellular service than the Bluetooth device. Overall the incoming and outgoing audio was on par with the built in Bluetooth device found in my wife’s GMC vehicle.

Music playback worked as advertised although the speakers from the SuperTooth Crystal are far from hi-fidelity. I would not chose the Crystal over my cars built in speakers but if you hear music off your Bluetooth enabled device then the Crystal will work in a pinch. GPS instructions from my Navigon app worked as advertised.

Battery life matched the advertised specs as I was able to get two solid weeks of use out of one charge of the Crystal. A nice feature of the Crystal with an iOS device is the addition of a battery indicator on the home screen.

Crystal15 Crystal16

Crystal01 Crystal04 Crystal05 Crystal14 


Overall the SuperTooth Crystal is a great hand’s free Bluetooth option for those who use their cell phones frequently in their automobiles. This device allows drivers to comply with hands-free laws while making in automobile phone calls less of a nuisance.

Priced at $69 the Crystal is an excellent deal. The excellent call sound quality on the Crystal is on par with the built in Bluetooth system in my wife’s GMC. The magnetic locking system allows the unit to be easily carried around by the user or hiding it out of site when leaving one’s car. It uses the latest Bluetooth 3.0 technology along with A2DP audio playback.

The only knock I have with the unit was the music sound quality playback but that is not the Crystal’s primary focus. I know the SuperTooth Crystal will a constant traveling companion in my car for quite a long time.




+Simple set up
+Good quality audio during calls
+Excellent battery life
+Works flawlessly with Siri
+Battery life indicator on iPhone home screen

-Music playback sounds tin-ny


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