Review of SuperTooth HD VOICE Bluetooth Speakerphone

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Previously I was using the SuperTooth Crystal as my hands free Bluetooth speaker and was pleased with the sound quality of that unit. In comparison the SuperTooth HD VOICE did not sound much better and at times actually sounded worse. More often the sound quality was good but not great. Hopefully this is an issue that a firmware update from SuperTooth will address in the future.

In terms of design and function, the SuperTooth HD VOICE is terrific. The controls are easily accessible and the voice enabled features make it a truly “hands free” device at times. This model costs less than its predecessor by $40. The unit is portable and easily attached and removed from the magnetic visor clip.

Hands-free devices are a great way to stay safe while driving and the SuperTooth HD VOICE does that job quite well. While the sound quality is fair to good you can’t escape the feeling that you are talking on a speakerphone where you will have to ask the caller to repeat themselves from time to time.





+Excellent battery life
+Simple to set up
+Voice control enabled
+Works in conjunction with Siri
+Works well with turn by turn navigation apps

-Sound quality could be better
-Music playback sounds hollow and metallic

Design / Aestheticscore-8-10
Value / Pricescore-7-10
Performance / Usagescore-7-10

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