Review of Tech21 Impact Snap with Cover for iPad Mini

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Specifications and Features

Impact Snap with Cover

Black – iPad Mini

The Impact Snap with Cover is the ultimate impact protection iPad Mini case, integrated with D3O® impact material and 100% Impactology approved thanks to our obsessive research and development.

With its minimalistic, yet revolutionary, hard shell polycarbonate casing, the Impact Snap with Cover simply clips on to the back of your device to provide high-impact protection. Meanwhile, an additional, leather flip cover protects the phone’s front screen. Access to all ports and function buttons are retained when the Impact Snap with Cover is securely attached to your iPad Mini.

What is impactology?

Originally devised in response to increasing customer demand, few have gone further than Tech21 in turning impact protection into a science. Our technology is testimony to the innovative scientific thinking and inspirational commitment that informs everything we do.

Impactology is a defining seal of approval, so you’ll know that when surrounded by one of our cases your mobile device, tablet or laptop has the highest standard of impact protection available.

Technological advances are never achieved by copying your competitors. Impactology makes a difference because Tech21 is the only brand dedicated enough to turn protection into more than just a veneer.

How does it work?

Impactology combines advanced science and pioneering innovation to deliver a unique, new level of protection for mobile devices, tablets and laptops. However, you don’t need to be a mad scientist with a PhD to see exactly how effective it can be.

It’s all about the molecules inside the revolutionary D3O Impact Material. In everyday use, the molecules flow freely, but upon shock or impact they lock together – absorbing the impact force and spreading the shock evenly across the surface of the material. That means your device stays in one piece, no matter how hard the impact!

What makes Impactology unique is the secret ingredient D3OImpact Material used within our designs. It’s composed of a non-Newtonian polymer with an intelligent molecular structure. So clever in fact, that it has been adopted worldwide by the military for its power in impact protection on the battlefield.

We call it IMPACTOLOGY …the science in protection.

Why do you need it?

A day without your mobile phone, tablet or laptop can have a dramatic effect on your life, business and livelihood!

Impactology was born through our passion to evolve with the ever-changing needs of our customers, who demand the best protection for their mobile electronic devices.

Only Impactology gives you this unique level of advanced protection. It’s the culmination of years of research, development and testing that, frankly, borders on the obsessive. We continually strive to find fault by stress testing, analyzing and looking for new ways to advance the levels of protection.

Through our dedication and passion, you’ll discover that the mobile electronics that add value to your day are always in safe hands with Impactology.

Price: $54.99


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