Review of Tech21 Impact Snap with Cover for iPad Mini

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Installation and Usage




Installation and of the iPad Mini into the Impact Snap involves lining up the Apple tablet onto the four corners of the case and then pressing down. Prying one of the edges off the iPad and sliding your finger around the perimeter removes the case.

Once inside the case the iPad Mini is securely held in place. The shell rests just below the display screen allowing the user full access to screen and side bezels.


The case cover lines up with the shell providing a svelte professional looking appearance for the iPad mini.

When using the iPad Mini the cover can be flipped behind the case to keep it out of the way. The smart cover feature will wake the iPad when opening the case and put it back to sleep when closing.

All of the buttons and controls are easily accessible with the Impact Snap in place. Tech21 touts their Impactology technology to keep the iPad Mini safe. Hopefully the D3O technology works as advertised as the shell does not feel much different than most other cases.


 ImpactSnap14 ImpactSnap15

 ImpactSnap16 ImpactSnap17

The cover does not lock into place so just be careful it is not folded over when putting your iPad Mini away.



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