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Today for review I’ve got another phone from our friends at Verizon Wireless, it’s the LG Vortex running Android 2.2. The Vortex is small enough to fit right in your pocket comfortably and it offers all of the features you’ve grown accustomed to with Android phones. The phone though is a bit underpowered and there are a few things I’d improve upon, still though it’s a decent entry level offering.

Let’s start this off with the video unboxing:


Included with the phone is a battery, charger and cable.

vortex2 vortex3

The LG Vortex is small with dimensions of 4.47″ (H) x 2.32″ (W) x 0.52″ (D) and a weight of 4.44 oz. The factor is what you would call candy bar and it has a 3.2” touch screen that take up most of the front. Below the screen are hardware buttons actually, and no the familiar touch style with many Android phones.

vortex4 vortex5

On the right side of the Vortex you’ll find the volume keys, left side is just the microSD slot, on top you’ll see the power button and audio port and then on the button is the microUSB port.

vortex6 vortex7 vortex8 vortex9

On the back is the speaker and the 3.2mp camera and no flash.

vortex10 vortex11


LG Vortex

First time smartphone users aren’t looking for the most elaborate phone on the market, they are looking for a phone that does what it should, and does it brilliantly. LG Vortex provides mobile features and easy functionality for the first time smartphone user. With intuitive Android 2.2, and Bing Search, they can find exactly what’s on their mind; and with VZ Navigator they’ll arrive exactly where they wanted to go. With a large touchscreen incorporating Swype, they wave goodbye to tired thumbs, and say hi to effortless touches. Meaning, from day one, they will be using and enjoying, not struggling through a frustrating learning process.

* 3.2 megapixel
* Camera Resolution Settings: 2048×1536, 1600×1200, 1280×960, 640×480, and 320×240 pixels
* Color Effects: Off, Mono, Negative, Solarize, Sepia, Negative Sepia, or Blue
* White Balance: Auto, Incandescent, Sunny, Fluorescent, or Cloudy
* Shot Modes: Continuous Shot, Smile Shot, Beauty Shot, Art Shot, Panorama, Face Effect, and Cartoon

* Video Capture and Playback
* Video Resolution Settings: 640×480, 320×240, and 176×144 pixels
* DIVX support & Video Player for WMV, MP4, 3GP, and 3G2 formats

Dimensions: 4.47″ (H) x 2.32″ (W) x 0.52″ (D)
Weight: 4.44 oz.

Operating System: Android 2.2

* 3.2″ Touch screen
* HVGA 262K Color TFT LCD

* Virtual QWERTY keyboard
* Candybar Form Factor

* Standard Battery – 1500 mAh
* Usage time: up to 450 minutes OR
* Standby time: up to 500 hours
* SAR: Head – 1.2 W/kg; Body – 0.79 W/kg

Memory / Chipset
* Technology: CDMA
* Frequency: 1.9 GHz CDMA PCS, 800 MHz CDMA
* Chipset: MSM7627 600Mhz
* Data Transmission: EVDO Rev 0, EVDO Rev A, 1xRTT
* 2GB microSD preinstalled

Full Retail Price: $309.99
2-Year Contract: $179.99
Online Discount: -$100.00
PRICE: $79.99

The LG Vortex run Android 2.2, so you might expect it to be snappy and responsive, and for the most part it is. The phone has five home screen, two of which are blank and the others are filled for you, even the Twitter account was active with something. The screens are in order as they are on the phone with the Home screen in the center. You’ll notice a couple Bing things there and Verizon branded as well. On the bottom you’ll find the Phone, Contacts, Twitter and the Browser buttons.

vortex14 vortex13 vortex12 vortex15 vortex16

Here’s the Apps, you’ll find plenty of Verizon stuff installed that you of course won’t be able to uninstall.  Nothing really stands out to me as being unique though, just some normal stuff that would be nice if it could be uninstalled.

vortex17 vortex18 vortex19

Here’s a quick look at the Settings pages with the About page open:

vortex20 vortex21 vortex22 vortex23

I like hardware keyboards, but I’ve grown accustomed to typing on the touch screen. One of the biggest flaws of the LG Vortex is the keyboard. It does have Swype yes, but it doesn’t help too much. The keys, either in portrait or landscape mode are just small, at least that’s how they feel to me.

vortex24 vortex25 vortex26

The browser is one that comes with every Android phone, but it’s 2.2 and as such it should have flash capability right? Well it doesn’t and I don’t get that. The browser works fine though, and the Verizon network is nice and fast for me.

vortex27 vortex28

Call quality is actually very good, I was surprised, I really wasn’t expecting much from such a small, under-powered phone. Calls were nice and clear and the volume gets loud.

There is a built-in in music player and video player, but you’ve got a 3.2” screen so videos aren’t exactly great on it.

Gaming on the Vortex is hit or miss, you certainly won’t be playing thing like racing or FPS games, it just can’t handle it. Basic games work fine though, like Angry Birds.

Battery life is questionable, turn on GPS and Wi-Fi and you’ll be charging it every day.

Another big drawback here is Bing, everything is Bing and no Google maps, apps or search really.


GTalk is installed, but there’s also a Mobile IM program from Verizon installed as well for the other chat programs.


The camera is a decent 3.2mp, but the4re’s no flash and honestly the pictures aren’t that great. Here’s the viewfinder with several options open. There’s even a help page if you need it.

vortex31 vortex32 vortex33 vortex34 vortex35 vortex36vortex37 vortex38

Here’s the sample pictures, colors are very washed out and faded and the flash is greatly needed. The Macro mode works mostly, but you still can’t get very close or take good pictures really.

vortex39 vortex40 vortex41 vortex42 vortex43

vortex1 vortex2 vortex4 vortex10


The LG Vortex for Verizon wireless is a great little entry level phone. It would be great for those just getting their feet wet with Android. Yes it doesn’t have a powerful processor, but it’s not exactly meant to me a smartphone in the full sense of it. It can however do most things that any other Android smartphone can if the user wishes.

The phone runs Android 2.2 but yet the browser doesn’t support flash. The keyboard is also small, I’ve become accustomed to typing on-screen, but with the Vortex my typing speed dropped to the hunt-and-peck level. I tried typing fast and just made tons of mistakes, even Swype didn’t help much in the typing accuracy area.


+Small and well made
+Fights nicely in the pocket
+Simple to use
+Android 2.2 installed

-Hardware buttons are sensitive, can be hit accidentally
-Screen resolution is low
-Verizon junk installed
-Typing can be frustrating
-Uses Bing


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  6 comments for “Review of Verizon LG Vortex

  1. December 7, 2010 at 8:16 am

    Good to know about review on LG Vortex, which is wireless and using arndroid 2.2. Now it will be easy to operate and as its feature is specified hope it will have good operating system.

  2. Mikegunnjr
    December 17, 2010 at 6:10 am

    I just purchased this phone a few days ago and Imust say I really like it. I just switched to Verizon from at&t and had the iphone and must say in my opinion this phone gives me the same options that i liked wiht my iphone and is easy to use. Give this phone a try and you will see what i mean. Mike G pensacola florida

  3. Absurd_observer
    January 13, 2011 at 2:29 am

    At the 30 day mark I traded mine in for the Droid Incredible…the LG Vortex was the absolute worst phone I have ever had the misfortune of using. I just didn’t work. Pandora crashed and froze it constantly…it took forever for GPS to locate it…it didn’t work well with bluetooth devices…it just didn’t work. And it wasn’t a defective phone…b/c i took the first one back thinking it must be…but the replacement did the same. Thank god for the Incredible…I’m loving it!

  4. Shane Lyle
    February 12, 2011 at 4:39 pm

    Loved it at 1st, then slowed down and stoped reading the memory card so not likeit so much anymoree

  5. Razmatastic
    February 21, 2011 at 4:27 pm

    The LG vortex has a software defect. Ill be text messaging people and my text will sometimes go to the wrong people or my “text message” will go to Facebook as a comment on someones status. If. It didn’t do that…..idk love this phone. Other than that one thing its a great phone.

  6. Jess572
    July 8, 2012 at 3:57 am

    The phone after around a few days of use it became really slow for me and I hadn’t even installed any apps and when I did I installed angry birds (I wasn’t planning on doing major gaming on this phone), the game was very slow and crashed many times. And this phone’s storage space was very limited and the battery life sucked. I had high hopes for this phone but it turned out to be a disappointment

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