Review of XtremeMac Microshield Silkscreen SC for the new iPad

The release of the New iPad means a slew of new accessories are going to hit the market. One of the first items to come across my desk for review is the XtremeMac Microshield Silkscreen SC for the new iPad. It is a shell style case that can be used independently, protecting the back of the Apple device or in conjunction with the Apple Smart Cover.

A notched opening on the side of the XtremeMac MicroShield SC easily fits the Apple Smart Cover providing front and back coverage for the new iPad. Since Xtrememac makes the Microshield Silkscreen SC in six different colors its simple to mix and match with the Smart Cover colors.

The XtremeMac Microshield Silkscreen SC for the new iPad comes packaged in a white cardboard box with the case holding an iPad on the front. An opening on the right side exposes part of the case allowing the buyer to get a feel for the composition of the case. On the back of the box is an image of the case used with the Apple Smart Cover as a stand along with a product description in six languages.

XtremeMac MicroShield01 XtremeMac MicroShield02

Opening the package we find the XtremeMac Microshield Silkscreen SC for the new iPad case along with a cardboard simulacrum of an iPad.

The XtremeMac Microshield Silkscreen SC is composed of a polycarbonate material. Xtrememac offers it in pink, blue, black, light gray, dark gray and clear. For today’s review we will look at the clear version.

XtremeMac MicroShield03

Initially when you pick up the XtremeMac MicroShield SC it feels very light weight and is very thin in its form factor. This allows the case to create a minimal profile allowing the new iPad to retain its form factor while housed in the XtremeMac Microshield Silkscreen SC.

The case has open areas on three out of the four sides; for access to the new iPad’s controls, ports and Smart Cover connector. On the right side of the case we see a raised area with openings for the volume buttons and mute switch.

XtremeMac MicroShield04

The outside of the case has a white triangle pattern on one half and the extreme Mac logo on the bottom left of the other half.

XtremeMac MicroShield05

XtremeMac MicroShield06 XtremeMac MicroShield07



XtremeMac MicroShield SC for the new iPad

The XtremeMac Microshield Silkscreen SC for the new iPad is a durable, hard case that integrates with the Apple® Smart Cover. The sleek case provides ultimate protection and style and brightens up the new iPad with six available color options that match the Apple Smart Cover, including pink, blue, black, light gray, dark gray and clear. MSRP: $34.99


The XtremeMac Microshield SC Case picks up where the Apple Smart Cover leaves off, providing durable backside protection for your iPad. It generates form-fitting coverage from edge to edge. Choose from a variety of vibrant and subdued color options and make a statement about your style.

-Protects your iPad against scratches and nicks

-Notched to complement the Apple Smart Cover, generating full coverage – front and back; or use it by itself

-Offers complete access to iPad switches, jacks and camera

-Six sleek, stylish color options allow you to showcase your personal style

Price: $34.99



Installation involves snapping the four corners of the case onto the iPad. These corners lock onto the metal bezel of the new iPad allowing thee XtremeMac Microshield Silkscreen SC to sit flush with the Apple device. Removing the case involves snapping off one or two corners until the case pops off.

XtremeMac MicroShield08 XtremeMac MicroShield09

All the controls and inputs are easily accessible with the case in place.

XtremeMac MicroShield10 XtremeMac MicroShield11 XtremeMac MicroShield12

Looking at the new I’ve had from the front you could hardly tell there is a shell style case attached. The XtremeMac Microshield Silkscreen SC adds very little bulk to the sleek new iPad’s body. On the back is an opening for the camera.

XtremeMac MicroShield13 XtremeMac MicroShield14

The back of the XtremeMac Microshield Silkscreen SC has a rubbery texture making the case feel secure in one’s hands. The opening on the left side allows it to be used in conjunction with the Apple Smart Cover creating a folio style case for the new iPad.

XtremeMac MicroShield15 XtremeMac MicroShield16

In terms of protection the XtremeMac Microshield Silkscreen SC will prevent scratches and other minor trauma from occurring to the back of the new iPad. However I would not count on this case for heavy-duty protection especially from a fall, as the new iPad’s screen is unprotected unless used with an Apple smart cover. This XtremeMac Microshield Silkscreen SC is designed more for function and style rather than its protective capacity.

Although the case feels rather flimsy off the new iPad it does feel durable and firm while wrapped around the new iPad.

XtremeMac MicroShield01 XtremeMac MicroShield03 XtremeMac MicroShield08 XtremeMac MicroShield13


XtremeMac has been making Apple device accessories for quite some time. Their products are usually well crafted with an emphasis on style as well as design. The XtremeMac Microshield Silkscreen SC keeps with this standard as it is a well-designed affordable new iPad case. Priced at around $25 it’s an affordable case solution for the new iPad user. It’s low-profile keeps the Apple aesthetic intact while protecting the iPad from nicks and scratches.

It works best in conjunction with an Apple Smart Cover creating a folio style case with front and back protection. If that is the design style you prefer then add $30 for the Apple Smart Cover to your budget.





+Rubbery grip

-Needs Smart Cover for front screen protection

Overall score-9-10
Design score-9-10
Performance score-9-10

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