Sena Walletbook Case for iPhone 3G/3GS

Sena Walletskin17

Previously on technogog we looked at the Leatherskin case for the iPhone 3G/3GS. Today I will be looking at the second iPhone case from Sena – the Sena Walletbook Case for iPhone 3G/3GS. This case doubles as protection for ones iPhone while at the same time providing a space for carrying credit cards or ID cards. Like the Sena Leatherskin, the Sena Walletbook is composed of quality European Napa Leather and is available in thirteen colors/styles.

Consolidating the items that we need to carry in our daily lives is always useful. Sena integrating the wallet into the iPhone case makes this product something that may be useful to many users including myself.

The Sena Walletbook Case for iPhone 3G/3GS comes in a cardboard package with the case seen through a plastic window. On the back of the box is a description and two diagrams of the case displaying its features. Within the package the case and a leather care instruction card are found.

Sena Walletskin01 Sena Walletskin02 Sena Walletskin03 Sena Walletskin04

For our review Sena sent us the green model of the Walletbook. Same as the Leatherskin, the quality of the leather on the Walletbook is top notch.

Upon examination of the Walletbook we see it is a “flip-style” design with the case opening like as book with the wallet side on the left interior and the iPhone resting on the right inside panel.

On the front face of the case we see a leather clasp which locks with a snap closure. Also on this side is an opening for the iPhone’s camera and at the base of the front face we find the Sena logo. The back of the Walletbook is plain green leather bordered by a matching green stitch.

Sena Walletskin06Sena Walletskin05 Sena Walletskin07 Sena Walletskin08 Sena Walletskin09 Sena Walletskin10

Opening the Walletbook reveals a multipurpose pocket for storing credit, identification or business cards. There is a transparent pocket for holding one’s ID. To the right of these pockets is the iPhone case opening. Placement of the iPhone occurs by sliding the iPhone into this area. This pocket is lined with velvet and the Sena ‘S’ logo is emblazed in the material.

Sena Walletskin11 Sena Walletskin12

Sena provides openings for all inputs and buttons on the iPhone including the volume, power, headphone jacks, speakers and dock connector.


Sena Walletbook Case for iPhone 3G/3GS

? Unique Luxury Designer Wallet
? Wallet pockets for Credit Cards/ID cards
? Multi-Purpose Pocket for Business Cards/Storage
? Transparent ID Card Pocket Slot
? Finest Quality, Full Grain, European Napa Leather
? Protective Side-Snap Closure Secures Wallet and iPhone
? Direct Access to iPhone Screen
? Camera Opening
? Special design offers protection and easy access to device functionality
? Designer Touch
? Slim Design w/ Protective Layer
? Microphone and Speaker Openings
? Charge through Travel Cable Opening
? Fits to iPhone and iPhone 3G

The Sena WalletBook case for the Apple iPhone 3G/3G S is a case comprised of premium leather which provides a unique design that combines a luxury wallet and a protective iPhone case with a designer touch. The WalletBook case is a custom design offering a pocket for a credit card and an ID card. The case also offers a multi-storage pocket for business cards or money. The case is an exciting new design from SENA for those who want to use a wallet with their iPhone case—it offers the benefit of having everything you need in one central location. The special design also includes a protective side snap to keep iPhone and wallet area secure. The case is perfected to protect the iPhone with the most fashionable style and offers the added assurance you can carry what you need for day-to-day business. The WalletBook is individually hand-crafted from the finest Italian Napa leather with Sena’s well-known quality and strong attention to detail.

On Sena’s leather instruction card they explain how the leather will conform to the iPhone. Sena recommends using the case frequently to help “break in” the leather. When first placing an iPhone in the Walletbook you will notice that things are a bit snug.

The iPhone slides in from the left side of the pocket and is held in place by this protective sleeve.

Sena Walletskin13 Sena Walletskin14 Sena Walletskin15 Sena Walletskin16

Aesthetically the Walletbook is a fine looking case. Looking at it quickly you would believe it was a quality wallet and not an iPhone case. The leather is soft and the craftsmanship from Sena shows. Other case makers do not use quality leather or even leather in most models.

Sena Walletskin17 Sena Walletskin18

The problem with the Walletbook lies in its functionality. First and foremost the wallet-side flap gets in the way while using the iPhone. Flipping the flap over is the best way to keep it from interfering in the iPhone use but this adds bulk to the device; otherwise this flap rests against the users face.

The next issue I had occurred while using the keyboard on the iPhone in portrait mode. The side panels that secure the iPhone into the case would obstruct typing on the left side of the screen, making typing emails and texts arduous.

The final problem I found with the Walletbook is that it does not qualify as a wallet. If I needed to store some money in this case, it could only accommodate a few bills. Have a hand full of singles? There is no place to put them in this case.

The only other place you could possibly keep money is tucked behind the iPhone, but then it will wedge against the iPhone or fall out taking the iPhone with it. If you are planning on using the Walletbook case as a business card holder then it will suffice but as a wallet, no way.

Sena Walletskin01 Sena Walletskin13 Sena Walletskin17Sena Walletskin05


The Sena Walletbook Case for the iPhone is well crafted but unfortunately does provide great functionality. The wallet component of the case is lacking as it was designed to hold only a couple of credit, business or ID cards. Functionally the case obstructs the use of the iPhone as both a phone and an input device.

Unfortunately this case is more style over substance as it looks terrific but does not work well with the iPhone in place. Sena does offer many other iPhone case styles which I would choose over this model.


+Well constructed
+Quality leather

-Poor functionality
-Lack of space for monetary currency
-Interferes with iPhone use

Overall score-6-10
Design score-6-10
Performance score-6-10