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Speck has kindly sent us another one of their products to review for the iPhone 2G/3G/3GS: the QwickDraw. This is a swivel holster which features a quick release latch for easy access while keeping the iPhone securely in place on ones belt when not in use. It can be worn in a vertical or horizontal orientation and has a low profile form factor.

The QwickDraw is not a case but a holster. It does not offer encompassing protection from trauma like an iPhone case does. So keep that in mind when making your purchasing choice.

The Speck QwickDraw comes in an orange and white package with the device displayed in the center of the box. Inside the box we find the holster and a clear iPhone facsimile.

QD01 QD02 QD03

It is composed of a black leather material describes as “a 100% vegetarian leather alternative” by Speck. This leathery material is accentuated by stitching around its periphery. The inside of the holster features a soft velvety lining. The inside of the holster and the back of the belt clip has an embossed Speck name and asterisk logo. At the bottom of the belt clip is a silver metal tip to protect the clip from wearing down the leather.

QD04 QD05 QD06 QD07 QD08

The QwickDraw weighs a mere 5.0 ounces and measures 5.0” x 1.25” x 2.5”. The back of the case has the belt clip which can be oriented in either a vertical or horizontal plane. This swivel clip clicks and locks into position, no need to worry about free spinning iPhones with this holster.

QD09 QD10 QD11

What differentiates this holster from other models is the snap latch dubbed the QwickDraw on the top or side of the case, depending on the belt clips orientation. It easily pulls open and snaps right back into place. Underneath the faux leather and velvet is a fairly rigid plastic back bone.

QD12 QD13


Speck QwickDraw iPhone Holster

Fits iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G and original iPhone
Spring-loaded quick-release latch keeps your iPhone extra secure
Versatile rotating belt-clip allows horizontal or vertical wear
Soft, lined snug-fit cradle
Sleek, low-profile design
Clean, black textured surfaces with stitching details

Be the “fastest iPhone in the west” with QwickDraw, Speck’s spring-loaded, quick-release extra secure swivel holster. The super-secure Speck quick-release latch keeps your phone locked in place during mighty important activities, like sitting down at the saloon, climbing into the saddle, or rounding up your herd. With just a simple flick of the quick-release latch, you can whip that phone out and dial your local posse.

Use your thumb to flip open the spring loaded QwickDraw latch, then slip in your iPhone from the top, with the phone screen facing “out”. Clip it onto your belt or pants! When you want to take out your iPhone, you can quickly flip open the latch and slide your iPhone up and out of the holster. Your iPhone stays secure and locked in till you flip open the spring loaded latch. The QwickDraw latch will close by itself… it’s spring loaded!

Length: 5.0 inches
Width: 1.25 inches
Height: 2.5 inches
Weight: 5.0 oz.
Colors: Black

To use the QwickDraw just hold the snap latch open and slide the iPhone into the case. Make sure the iPhone sits flush with the base of the holster otherwise the latch will not snap closed. Initially the iPhone will sit very tightly in the holster. It is so snug that removing the iPhone will be a bit of a chore. Once the velvet gets adjusted to the compression from the iPhone then removing the phone from the case will become simpler.

QD14 QD15 QD16 QD17 QD18 QD19 QD20

Initially I found it easier to use the QwickDraw by removing the holster and iPhone off my belt when using the Apple phone. Of course this makes things a bit bulky. Thankfully the QwickDraw is low profile enough so this is not a big annoyance. One thing you will notice is that the iPhone’s camera is obscured by the pivot point of the snap latch. Therefore using the camera with the QwickDraw in place is prohibitive.

The iPhone can be placed with the screen facing in or out of the holster. Obviously if it rests face in then using the iPhone with the holster attached is not a real possibility.

The belt clip portion is excellent as the clip snuggly grips either the belt or one’s pants edge. It would take a forceful effort to dislodge the clip accidentally off ones waist.

I found the tightness of the QwickDraw to be both a positive and negative. While the iPhone was held securely in place and certainly was not going to go anywhere, I was concerned that I was struggling at times to release the iPhone from the holster. The last thing I wanted to happen is to have my naked iPhone go flying! This issue did improve as the holster shaped more to the contours of my iPhone.

QD01QD15 QD03 QD17


All of the Speck products that I had the chance to review have been well designed and constructed, the QwickDraw is no different. In my reviewing experience it is one of the best iPhone holsters that I have come across. The QwickDraw holds the iPhone firmly in its grasp and stays securely attached to the users waist.Enter your conclusion here

Personally I think the QwickDraw would be a much better product sold in combination with a protective case. I am always concerned that my iPhone will suffer a tragic demise after an accidental fall; this is why I prefer cases over holsters. But this is a matter of personal choice. If you are looking for a superior iPhone holster than the Speck QwickDraw is a terrific choice


Quality build and design
Securely holds the iPhone
Swivel clip allows vertical or horizontal orientation

Maybe grip the iPhone too tightly
Holster covers camera when holding iPhone

Overall score-9-10
Design score-9-10
Performance score-8-10

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