Up The Videogame Xbox360


Reviewing games can be lots of fun and they can be tedious as well, I personally like to finish any game before I review it, and this requires a lot of time to be spent just sitting playing games. Sounds like fun doesn’t it? Not when you’ve got tons of other projects in the works… Adult or Teen games are much easier to review than a games aimed at children as well they’re childish and fairly boring and mostly easy. I reviewed Up for the Wii not long ago, now I’ve got Up for the Xbox360 for review. It’s the same as the Wii but then again it’s not, as expected the graphics are better, and really overall gameplay is batter as well than on the Wii. Sure it’s not interactive like the Wii is, but those interactions the Wii offered didn’t add much to the game really. With the Xbos360 version of the game, I finished it myself and then I let my kids have it to see what their impressions were. My boys are ages 7 & 8, even though it’s rated 10+ they still didn’t have many problems with it and they like it a lot, they play it often together now.

Obligatory box shots for you:

DSCF0301 DSCF0302 DSCF0303 DSCF0310

The menus in Up are basic stuff, here’s a video of the Intro and Menus:

PDVD_005 PDVD_007 PDVD_008 PDVD_009 PDVD_010 PDVD_011 PDVD_013 PDVD_014


Up The Videogame Xbox360

Gamers Set Off on an Exciting Adventure Into the Wild Jungles of South America to Encounter Exotic Animals, Battle Dangerous Creatures and Villains

The Up video game takes players on an exotic adventure with Carl Fredricksen and his young sidekick, Wilderness Explorer Russell, as they set off on a wild journey through the undiscovered jungles of South America. Players will be able to experience all four main characters from the movie—Carl, Russell, Dug the lovable dog or Kevin the prehistoric bird—while playing as a single-player or with a friend cooperatively throughout the entire game. Aided by Russell’s wilderness knowledge, the four characters must work together to navigate treacherous jungle terrain, combat exotic animals and avoid being captured by a villain and his loyal army of talking dogs. Players will also encounter collection adventures to earn merit badges for Russell that will unlock bonus content.

As we know the game is set in the Jungles of South America with the two mains stars being Carl and Russell, with Dug the Dog and Kevin the bird showing up as well in the game as playable characters to help you on your quest.

If you happen to have both consoles, the Wii and the Xbox360, you’ll immediately see a difference playing Up on the Xbox, it’s just a much more enjoyable experience, even if you can’t pretend to saw with it. The controls are jut much more sensitive, and I did not have any issues with them.

With the Wii I ran into several times where you’ would get stuck as well and just couldn’t move, on the Xbox360 I didn’t have that problem at all. Overall it’s just a much superior experience.

Most of the game is a platformer but you’ll also get to fly a plane as well as Dug the dog, flying is lots of fun once you get accustomed to the controls.

PDVD_016 PDVD_017 PDVD_018 PDVD_020 PDVD_023 PDVD_028 PDVD_034

The platforming part of the game can get rather tedious with many of the puzzles repeated over and over again, like moving a rock, of sliding over a ledge to get where you need to go. At the end of most levels there is a boss to beat, and he can be tough, especially for kids.  My kids complained about the snake boss the most, they said that part is very hard. All in all though my children love the game and play it often, either by themselves or with each other in the co-operative mode, they’ll easily spend an our or so just playing, and having fun. They like the idea of collecting the bugs and other things to earn special prizes and collecting coins to level up. They especially like the fact that you’ve got to break things apart to find more coins.

As an adult gamer I found the game rather tedious and boring really, as you progress there’s really not much new to the game, it’s the same stuff just re-hashed over and over again. There is combat in the game, but it’s easy, though my kids found it to be a challenge at points.

Overall though they really like it, and I think that’s what matters most, it doesn’t matter too much what I say about the game as I’m an adult and it’s not aimed at adults. It’s cute and funny, and colorful, something that children will enjoy playing and watching. My four year old loves to watch his brothers play it, he thinks it’s great.

I try and review games like these with a mindset that it’s aimed at a younger crowd and usually it works, but I can’t totally see it as a child would. I got quite a bit of input from my kids on this game, and I think it helped quite a bit in how I reviewed it.

I think from now on that’s the way to do things really, play it, finish it and then let them have at it to see what they think of it.

I can tell you about the game itself, and how it plays, but they can tell you really how the game is and what’s fun or isn’t about it.

As for Up, well my kids thoroughly enjoy the game, they really didn’t have to ask me for any help, even though they do because they watched me play and finish it. I usually tell them no I won’t help them, and in a couple minutes they’ve figured out the problem all by themselves. So that right there says something about the game really, they can figure things out fairly easy, and they’re younger than the rated age for the game. As I mentioned they like it very much, and play it often. I actually got them their own Xbox360 so they wouldn’t use mine, and they’ve got their own games now as well to play whenever they wish to.

So in the end the game is well worth it for children, for adults not so much, but it’s not intended for adults either…

So I’ll leave you with a final video and some more captures:

PDVD_038 PDVD_039 PDVD_041 PDVD_042 PDVD_043 PDVD_044 PDVD_045 PDVD_046 PDVD_047 PDVD_048 PDVD_049 PDVD_050 PDVD_051 PDVD_052 PDVD_053 PDVD_054 PDVD_055

DSCF0301 PDVD_005 PDVD_016 PDVD_055

I thought about giving this game a 6 rating or maybe even a 7, but after giving it to my children and seeing how much they enjoyed playing it I can’t be that hard on it. It’s meant for children, and they like it. Kids don’t care as much about things as we adults to, things like the game being tedious or repetitions, in fact my kids didn’t even mention it or notice it I think. They actually enjoyed it, they liked having to push the rock over numerous times, or having to fight the wasps and dogs, they enjoyed it and that’s what counts here I think.

Other reviewers will tell you this game isn’t that good, well they as I was, are looking at it from an adults perspective, and well that’s wrong and I recognize that, what I think isn’t fun, is fun to them.

If you’ve got kids then you might want to think about grabbing this title for them, my children like it very much, and play it quite often.


+Great for kids
+Good graphics
+Fairly easy for children
+Promotes teamwork

-Tedious and boring at times

Overall score-8-10
Design score-9-10
Performance score-8-10