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A little bit ago I took a look at the preview for Up the Videogame on the PC, today I’ve got my review of the Wii version of the game. All of the versions of the game are very similar, though the Wii version does make use of the motion controls. The game takes us on a journey through the jungles of South America with the characters from the game, Carl, Russell, Dug the dog and Kevin the bird. The graphics are decent, as is to be expected for the Wii though, gameplay is fun, but at times I ran into places where I’d get stuck and not be able to move, so there are some bugs in the game besides the ones you’ll find in the jungles. Continue on for some screenshots and in game movies…

Box shots for you:

DSCF0305 DSCF0306 DSCF0307 DSCF0308

Most of up is a platform style game where you’ll control Carl or Russell as they navigate though the jungles collecting things like bugs, and butterflies or squishing them. Carl and Russell both have special abilities to help them throughout their quest like Carl can use his hearing aid to sonically attack things, or Russell can use his bugle in the same way. You can play the game with one player, or cooperatively, but you must work together to complete the levels. Wen playing on single player you’ll have to switch between characters to accomplish certain tasks, and use each character to help the other. The game is primarily about promoting teamwork, you won’t get very far in the game if you don’t work together.

Here’s a few screen shots for you, they’re small of course as the Wii isn’t HD.

PDVD_021 PDVD_028 PDVD_029 PDVD_032 PDVD_033 PDVD_034 PDVD_035 PDVD_037 PDVD_039 PDVD_040 PDVD_042 PDVD_043 PDVD_044 PDVD_048 PDVD_049 PDVD_050 PDVD_052

Here’s a video of the same level, I’ve upscaled it to 720p from the original 480p. In the video you’ll see where I get stuck with Russell and Kevin, it’s towards the end, but also you’ll see how teamwork comes into play greatly during the game. You’ll have to use both characters at times to complete a task, like pushing a rock over, or one character will have to help the other over an obstacle. In this part of the game you’ll also get to use Kevin, towards the end, and that’s where I got stuck. That wasn’t the only time I got stuck, quite a few other times as well. In the video you’ll also see how you use the motion part of the Wii as well to do things like sawing or cutting and shaking it to free yourself from a trap.


Up The Videogame Wii

Gamers Set Off on an Exciting Adventure Into the Wild Jungles of South America to Encounter Exotic Animals, Battle Dangerous Creatures and Villains

The Up video game takes players on an exotic adventure with Carl Fredricksen and his young sidekick, Wilderness Explorer Russell, as they set off on a wild journey through the undiscovered jungles of South America. Players will be able to experience all four main characters from the movie—Carl, Russell, Dug the lovable dog or Kevin the prehistoric bird—while playing as a single-player or with a friend cooperatively throughout the entire game. Aided by Russell’s wilderness knowledge, the four characters must work together to navigate treacherous jungle terrain, combat exotic animals and avoid being captured by a villain and his loyal army of talking dogs. Players will also encounter collection adventures to earn merit badges for Russell that will unlock bonus content.

Like any good platform game you’re going to have bosses, UP is no different, in the game you’ll run across several bosses and as with the rest of the game, teamwork is the only way you’re going to beat them. In the following screen shots you’ll see the boss fight against the giant snake, here you’ll also get to use another of Carl’s special powers, his ability to make balloon animals. Apparently giant snakes like squirrel shaped balloon animals as you’ll use them as decoys so you can get yourself set up to take him out.

PDVD_002 PDVD_003 PDVD_005 PDVD_007 PDVD_008 PDVD_009 PDVD_010 PDVD_014 PDVD_017 PDVD_019

And here’s the video that goes with the above screenshots:

Up is a kids game of course, it’s based off the movie of the same name by Disney-Pixar, and it’s fun even for adults, though it is quite easy. It only took a few hours to complete the game, but it can take longer if you are making sure to collect everything in the game. Collecting things will help to bring your level up and will open bonus things as well for you.

You have to remember this is a kids game, and thus is going to be repetitive and easy. Controls work well, and the cooperative play will possibly allow for parents to play with their children, though adults will get bored quickly I’m sure. The controls though for simple, jump, attack, movement and special abilities, the Wii adds motions though to the mix to make it seem as though you’re actually doing the act.

The puzzles in the game are simplistic, but again this is a kids game, so that’s to be expected, and the puzzles also repeat themselves throughout the game as well.

DSCF0305DSCF0307 PDVD_043PDVD_044


Up is a game aimed at children, thus I can’t be too hard on it, yes it’s repetitive, yes it’s easy, and yes the puzzles are simplistic, but again, it’s aimed at children, not adults. If you’re an adult you can have fun playing with your child in cooperative mode I’m sure, but you’ll need to have patience as you might get bored quickly.


+Family fun
+Good use of Wii controls
+Lots to do and collect
+Fairly easy

-A bit buggy at certain points of the game
-At points of the game you’re unsure what to do next

Overall score-7-10
Design score-8-10
Performance score-7-10

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