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After reviewing more iPhone cases than I care to remember, it is my experience that cases designed for fashion and style are usually not the most protective. Today’s review case – the VOi! Lorem helps break my preconception. The Lorem is marketed for those who want their iPhone to match their style while protecting the phone from the outside world.

VOi designed the case to snap shut with what they call the Axent Ring. This ring is interchangeable letting the user “accent their style” by changing the colors from day to day. The Lorem comes in four colors but requires multiples cases to get all different colored Axent Rings.

Some other features that differentiate the Lorem from other hard shell cases include the slim form factor and the built in strap – Drop-Catch Tether.

The Lorem packaging is streamlined just like the case itself. Inside the plastic envelope package is the Lorem case. It is composed of two plastic polymer pieces – the front Axent Ring and the back shell. Available colors include red, pink, black, and gray. For today’s review we received the red and black versions.

Lorem01 Lorem02 Lorem03 Lorem04 Lorem05 Lorem06 Lorem07

The Lorem is slightly bigger than the actual iPhone and adds minimal bulk to the iPhone. The back shell has a velvet like material that VOi calls the Luxury Liner. It supposedly helps protects the iPhone during impact. To me it seems rather thin and I don’t see how it offers much additional protection. The VOi logo and website address are embossed on this liner.

On the outside of the backshell is the Drop-Catch tether which is a lanyard wrist strap for keeping the Lorem and iPhone from unintentional flights. Plus you can always replace it with a shorter or longer lanyard if you so desire and have one laying around.

Below this tether is an opening designed for pushing the iPhone out of the back shell when the front Axent piece is taken off. Adjacent to this opening is another VOi logo.

As with most iPhone cases the Lorem has openings for all the control and ports on the iPhone. The Axent piece is a thin piece of polycarbonate plastic which by itself seems pretty fragile. Once snapped on the case, this Axent keeps the iPhone locked into place.

Lorem08 Lorem09


VOi! Lorem


(A) Shellcasing, TOUGH on the OUTSIDE…
Tough but Flexible… each Lorem™ shellcasing is a form-fitted and protective hard-shell iPhone case, sleekly designed to look and feel like the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS. We build Lorem™ to a higher standard from a super-impact-resistant polymer, proven for its unsurpassed strength and flexibility and feature a special protective coating to make it shine. One touch will tell you that every Lorem™ series case is precision manufactured to be one of The Best iPhone 3GS cases that you can buy!

(B) Luxury Liner™, SOFT on the INSIDE…
Luxury Liner™ featuring Embrace Technology™ is the Lorem’s thoughtfully engineered system that gently guides your iPhone 3GS into place, providing an elegantly functional, low-profile impact buffer with a “fit you can feel” in the areas where it matters most!

VOi Axent Ring™ is a super-tough trim ring with the security of a durable snap-fit. Mix and Match compatible Axent Rings™ from separate Lorem™ series cases to “Accent your Style”. Now it’s your choice, to blend in or to stylishly stand apart from the crowd! Only VOi Lorem™ series cases feature the exclusive benefit of Axent Rings™, delivering the style and versatility of a personalized iPhone 3GS case, in a SNAP!!!

(D) Drop-Catch Tether™, JUST one CATCH!
Finally, a sleek and dependable hardshell iPhone 3GS case with a lanyard! Drop-Catch Tether™ is a trendsetting security feature that protects your iPhone from the inevitable “Slip of Hand”.

(E) Options, REFRESHING…
You don’t wear the same clothes everyday, so why should your *iPhone 3GS? Compliment your wardrobe with VOi! Lorem™, a simple fashion statement, designed to be a sleek yet tough interchangeable accessory for iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G ; easily updated to stay in line with what you wear or how you feel

Installation involves placing the iPhone into the back shell and then snapping on the Axent piece. The Lorem holds the iPhone securely into position and adds the slightest increase in size to the phone. Removing the iPhone from the case requires a small coin or other object to be inserted into the tab next to the power button on the iPhone. Turn the coin to snap the Axent away from the back shell. Then push your finger through the back opening to pop the iPhone out of the case.

Lorem10 Lorem11 Lorem12 Lorem13 Lorem14 Lorem15

Aesthetically the Lorem is a nice case and the black and red versions looked very stylish on the iPhone. The black version is a piano black which means finger prints and finger oil smudges will be noticeable.

I personally did not care for the Drop-Catch Tether and removed it after a few hours. Some people may appreciate it; I was not one of them. Several people that I showed the case to thought this tether was unnecessary, but if you are prone to the “dropsies” it can’t hurt.

In terms of protection, the Lorem seems like it would protect the iPhone from most mild to moderate fall but I would expect it may not tolerate more severe impacts and may not provide elite protection to the iPhone for that type of trauma. The Luxury Liner seems insubstantial for any type of protection but does keep the iPhone’s back from getting scratched within the case.

As with most iPhone cases the screen is not shielded but the lip of the Axent does keep the screen slightly recessed away from harm.

Lorem01Lorem04Lorem10 Lorem15


Overall the Lorem is a well designed case. It is stylish and offers protection for the iPhone during everyday use. The lanyard Drop-Catch Tether is a unique feature that I have not seen on other cases and will probably save many an iPhone from disaster. I personally did not care for the Tether but others may have a differing opinion.

The VOi Lorem is a decent case for protecting one’s iPhone while adding a sense of style. VOi markets the case by touting the interchangeable Axent Rings and back shells. The problem here is you need to own multiple cases to have this capability. It they sold the Axent Rings separately that would seem to be more economical for the end user.

For a newcomer to the iPhone case market, VOi makes a solid entry with their first offering the Lorem.


+Low Profile
+Interchangeable Axents (face plate)

-Axent rings only available with separate cases

Overall score-8-10
Design score-9-10
Performance score-8-10

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