Wicked Lasers Elite Series 125 Plus Review

Manufacturer: Wicked Lasers

Product Name: Elite Series 125 Plus

Review Date: 09/15/08

Author: Kristofer Brozio

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There are products on the market that are mostly considered something of a luxury item that most people would love to own but just can’t see spending the money on. Don’t get me wrong this isn’t a bad thing, these products have a place and some actually can be useful for the right person. Laser pointers are one of these types of products, you can pick up cheap little laser pointers for general use, but they’re just that, cheap, and they won’t last long either usually.  If you’ve got a need for a laser pointer then it’s well worth it to invest in one that will last long and is quality made. Most laser pointers are used for presentations and such, but there are more powerful ones used by stargazers to point out stars of constellations, these people need one that is easily visible to everyone they’re speaking to. Lasers are also useful for other types of jobs, like the military, and of course just having some fun with as well.

Wicked Lasers is a popular company that makes some of the best laser pointers around, they’re made well and you can just feel the quality when you hold one in your hand. Laser Pointer though is not the right word for a Wicked Lasers product, this thing is a laser plain and simple, in low light you an easily see the beam coming from it, it’s truly an awe inspiring site to behold.

On the review block today I’ve got the Wicked Lasers Elite Series 125 Plus, it’s a green laser that is just amazing, one of those things that you have to see for yourself to believe.  The quality of the Elite Series 125 Plus is excellent, holding it in your hand you can feel the care that went into the design and production of it, looking at it closely you can see it is flawless in it’s creation. In the following review I’ve got a few pictures for you and several videos as well showing the Elite 125 in action, as a bonus Wicked Lasers also sent me a pair of Laser Shades, so I’ll be taking a quick look at those too.

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You can sometimes tell a lot about a product or company by the packaging, if the packaging is presented well then most likely the product inside is one that’s going to be good. Wicked Lasers spares no expense when it comes to the packaging of their products, from the shipping box to the actual box that the product is in, it’s well presented and stylishly done.

The Elite Series 125 Plus shipped to me in a small black box with the Wicked Lasers name and logo on the side. Inside of the box I found packing peanuts for protection, a nicely done product manual/catalog, a smaller presentation style box that has the Elite 125 in it, and a case with the Laser Shades inside.

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The box that the Elite 125 is in is like a jewelry box really, it opens up to display the Elite 125, and it’s full of padding, the 125 rests comfortably protected inside. Also inside the box I found a page with test results on it, each Wicked Lasers product is tested before it ships to insure that it performs as it should.

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The Elite 125 is actually fairly heavy considering it’s small size, the housing is metal, and I would say it’s a metallic dark bronze color. Wicked Lasers says it is ‘Chrome finished brass’. It’s a bit larger than a standard Sharpie marker, so it’s very portable so you can take it with you wherever you need to.

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On the front of the laser is a small hole where the actual green laser comes out of, on the unit itself is a warning sticker with specifications listed as well.

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Under the label the name of the laser is printer very nicely for you, and right behind the label is the power button. You need to hold the button down when using, it doesn’t lock, this is done purposefully as it should only be on for about 100 seconds at a time.

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Towards the back you’ll also find the Wicked Lasers logo printed.

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The back end is also where the batteries go, two AAA batteries are all that is needed to power the Elite 125 Plus. Wicked Lasers recommends using Energizer E2 Lithium batteries for best performance. An interesting thing is that the batteries go in backwards, or negative side first. Wicked Lasers even put a little graphic on the end cap as well, I think it’s a nice touch really, it adds to the overall look of the Elite 125.

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Elite Series
“The god of pen-sized laser pointers…”

Elite 125 plus: 125mW ~ 149mW

Price: $599.99

It’s power. It’s style. It’s Elite — We’ve pushed the Elites to their limits and what we’ve created is nothing but spectacular. Available in three outputs, the Elite Series is the most powerful pen-sized lasers available on the market today! Still having trouble deciding? You shouldn’t?

The Elite 150 plus is top of the line. It’s engineered to perfection and fitted with the most efficient crystals possible. It’s ridiculous burning power in a tiny package. Lighting matches, burning and melting with lasers has never been so simple. For those with slightly less need of extreme power, there are the Elite 125 plus and Elite 100 plus models to consider. Stop drooling, join the Elite club


Name:      Elite Series
Size:     15x155mm
Wavelength:     532nm
Laser Body:     Chrome Finished Brass
Transverse Mode:     TEM00
Output Power:     100mW – 200mW
Beam Divergence:     0.8mRad – 1.2mRad
Beam Diameter:     1.6mm
Power Consumption:     600mA
Power supply:     2 X AAA 1.5V
Battery Lifetime:     90 min
Switch:     Momentary On / Off Button
Duty Cycle:     100 seconds on / 10 seconds off
Expected lifetime:     >5,000 hours
Warranty:     3 months

As I mentioned Wicked lasers also sent me a pair of their Laser Shades with the Elite 125. They come in a very nice protective carrying case and even include a lens cleaning cloth. They’ve got red lens to help you see the green dot clearer and they seem well made.

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Laser Shades Specs

Laser Shades

Price: $39.99

Both stylish and highly functional, these LaserShades will protect your eyes from excessive green 532nm laser rays. Now you can experiment with cutting, burning and popping in complete safety.


Ok, now comes the fun part..

I’ve got several video for you of the Elite Series 125 Plus in action. Sadly I didn’t use it outside, I live in the suburbs and I wasn’t sure how people would take it for one thing, but more importantly I live near the County Airport and I wasn’t too sure about what rules were in place for such things like this, using them etc. I didn’t want to be fined or possibly arrested for hitting a plane or interfering with one with the Elite 125, so I’ve done what I could to show you how it works in video form.

I shot the videos in HD so they should look good, you can click the option to show them in full screen as well. They were shot in my house, pardon the mess you might see, but I’ve got three kids and I’m in the middle of remodeling as well…

All of our videos are being hosted over on Viddler in the official technogog account, so you can hop on over and check out the other videos we’ve got there as well. We’re going to have all kinds of videos posted before the actual reviews, so it’s a good way to get a ‘sneek peek’ at what’s coming up!

The first video I’ve got for you is showing what the Elite 125 looks like in the dark, how bright it is etc.

The second movie I have for you is testing how hot the Elite 125 is by lighting matches and a cigarette. Fun-Fun!

The third video I have for you deals with the included Laser Shades, a short demo to give you an idea of how they work.

The fourth video is me trying to show you the actual laser beam from the Elite 125, it looks really cool, really it does…

The last video is just for fun, my cats love laser pointers, and they really love the Elite 125, I can just pick it up and show it to them and they get all excited about it..


The Wicked Lasers Elite 125 Plus is just amazing in it’s design and performance, this is a product that you will be very happy with if you decide to purchase one.

The cost is high yes, but the old adage ‘you get what you pay for’ very much applies here. The Elite 125 Plus is most likely the most powerful, well made and brightest laser in it’s class on the market today

This is what a laser pointer should be, all others out there wish they were a Wicked Lasers laser pointer!


-Very well made

-Very bright

-Lots of fun

-Many, many uses

-Nice accessories available




Overall: score-10-10

Design: score-10-10

Performance: score-10-10

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