Review of Denon Mobile Elite AH-C560R In-Ear Headphones

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Denon is an excellent audio company, I’ve had personal experience with their products, good experience I might add so I’m very happy to have one of their products for review today.  The product is the Mobile Elite AH-C560R In-Ear Headphones which just sound amazing truly. They come with several sizes and styles of earbuds and even a little carrying case along with an in-line remote control and built-in microphone. They’re certified to be used with Apple products but they can be used with any audio device of course.

The Mobile Elite AH-C560R In-Ear Headphones come in a plastic box.

d560r1 d560r2

When you open the box you’ll find a bit of documentation, a carrying case, earbuds and a plastic tray with the earphones in them.


They come with two different sizes of earbuds and a foam set along with a clip.


The carrying case is solid and firm, made of nylon with a zippered closure. Inside the case is a little net style pocket as well. The case is very nicely made and will do a great job of protecting the earphones inside.

d560r4 d560r5 d560r6

One of the first things that struck me about these headphones is the cable, it’s nice and thick and it has a a gold plated connector on it. Normally with thick cables they’ll be not exactly flexible, but these are, almost like rubber wires. The cables seem long enough for any type of use.


In-line is a remote control with volume up and down and play/pause button on the front, on the back is a microphone.

d560r14 d560r15

The earphones themselves are lightweight but metal and plastic. They have the Denon logo on them along with Left and Right markings. They feel well made overall, and the replacement buds just pop on and off fairly easy enough.

d560r9 d560r10 d560r11 d560r12 d560r13


Denon Mobile Elite AH-C560R In-Ear Headphones
AH-C560R In-Ear Headphones

Comfortable In-Ear Headphones With iPhone/iPod Control
Part of Denon’s exclusive Mobile Elite series, the AH-560R  in-ear headphones combine our latest technologies with an inline three button remote that can control select iPod and iPhone models, and includes a microphone that lets you record voice memos with select iPod models and answer calls with select iPhone models. With the inline remote, you can control volume level as well as play, pause, forward and back functions.

Exclusive Denon Technologies For Ultimate Sound Quality
The AH-C560R features Denon’s Acoustic Optimizer system, which provides equal ambient air pressure on both sides of the diaphragm for naturally balanced sound. Our exclusive Radial Cascade Damper system reduces cable transmitted vibration, and the cable features Oxygen Free Copper wiring for the purest sound quality.

11.5mm Diaphragms With Neodymium Magnet Structure
The earpieces feature Denon’s exclusive Hybrid Metal Housing, which consists of a combination of machined aluminum alloy and a sophisticated resin compound. Together these materials provide optimum acoustic quality, eliminating unwanted resonances. Powerful Neodymium magnets provide extremely high efficiency for reduced power consumption, extending the battery life of your portable music player or computer.

Multiple Ear Pad Sizes Included
To ensure optimum fit and comfort, the AH-C560R comes with four sets of compliant ear pads. Three of the sets are made from form-fitting silicon, while the fourth set features Denon’s exclusive Comply foam tips. The 1.3 meter (4½ feet) cable features equal length (left/right) earpiece cables, along with an adjustable branch point adjustment slider, as well as a cable clip. A compact soft shell carrying case is included.

MSRP $99.99

The Denon AH-C560R headphones are certified to be used with Apple products, but they can be used with anything surely. I tested them with my Zune HD, Apple iPod nano 5th and my Samsung Galaxy S Captivate.


I know Denon is a good brand for audio products, but these have an MSRP of $99 so I honestly didn’t expect much from them in terms of audio quality. I knew they would be above average, I was sure of that but I was impressed with the sound quality truly. They easily rival my pair of FutureSonics Atrio earphones and they cost quite a bit more.

The audio is very clear and full, there’s a nice balance of both bass and treble with neither lacking or overbearing.  I should note that they can get loud, very loud, some headphones just have a low volume to them no matter what but these can be turned up very loud.

They also do a very good job at keeping external noises out and they’re very comfortable to wear for long period of time.

The cables though do add a bit of noise, vibration noise which can be annoying. Some sets of earbuds do that, they’re made to be worn in and over the ears and not just in the ears and hanging down. These Denon headphones are made to be worn that way.

The remote works great with the iPod nano along with the microphone, volume, play and pause worked fine.

With my Zune HD nothing worked, but with my Captivate the play and pause did work while listening to music.

d560r1 d560r3 d560r9 d560r12

The Denon Mobile Elite AH-C560R In-Ear Headphones offer an excellent sound experience that anyone would be happy with. They’re very comfortable to wear for long periods of time, and the different sized earbuds insure they’ll fit all sizes of ears.

The included carrying case is a nice added touch that will protect them while in transit.

If you’ve got an Apple product like the iPhone or iPod, then you can take full advantage of the inline remote control. As a bonus the remote works somewhat with other devices as well.


+Very well made
+Remote works well
+Includes carrying case
+Very good noise reduction
+Excellent sound
+Includes extra ear buds and clip

-Slight line noise


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