Review of Id America TouchTone Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

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Testing and Usage


The first thing you need to do before using the TouchTone is charge it and that’s done with the included microUSB cable. When charging the LED will light up red to let you know it’s working.



When powered on the controls light up white while the center circle is blue, or blinking blue depending on the mode, solid is paired, blinking is waiting to be paired. The volume control is the circle lit up in the center. To control the volume you run your finger clockwise and to raise it and counter clockwise to lower it.

touchtone14 touchtone15


For testing I used it with my PS Vita and HTC One for the wireless Bluetooth connection and then with my ZuneHD for the wired connection.



When I first turned it on I was a bit startled as it talked to me saying ‘Bluetooth mode has been on’ at least that’s what it sounded like to me. The voice is male and has a accent, not sure what the accent is really.

When I paired it to my phone and PS Vita the TouchTone says ‘paired’.

When I turned Bluetooth off on my phone the TouchTone said ‘waiting for pairing’.

When I press the mode button once it sounds like it says ‘is working’, when I pressed it again it sounded like ‘is off’.  The Mode button is for changing from Bluetooth to Line-in and for enabling or disabling auto-answer function. The TouchTone can automatically answer your calls and it will mute the music and then restart your music once the call is complete.

So the TouchTone talks to let you know what’s going on, interesting for sure, not sure if I like it really.

The TouchTone gets its name for the touch sensitive controls on the top. Everything is controlled or activated by touch and this works well but it’s not like using a touchscreen that’s for sure. You do have to make sure you’re touching with slight pressure, but it works and I like the feature a lot.

Pairing is easy, I had no problems connecting it to my PS Vita or HTC One. I found that after the initial pairing it re-connected automatically to my HTC One when I turned it on with Bluetooth enabled on the phone.

The speakers work very well and they can get extremely loud but yet there’s not much distortion at those high volumes. The bass is decent as is the treble, neither is overly exaggerated, but the bass is deep for those that appreciate it.

Bluetooth range is supposedly 33 feet and I walked around the house with it and into other rooms and didn’t lose the signal. Personally I wouldn’t be taking the speaker with me without my phone or other device, but I guess it’s good you can move around with it.

You can also use the TouchTone as a speakerphone and it will automatically answer your calls and pause your music while you talk. Sound was fine on calls, no complaints here.



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