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Giada Intros Android Based Q11 MiniPC


Giada is back and they’ve just introduced an Android based MiniPC that features a 2.5” hard drive inside along with 1080P output, wi-fi, Bluetooth and infrared. The Q11 is running Android 4.0 and comes with 1gb of DDR3 along with…

News for Saturday December 8th 2012


Happy Saturday! I’m tired, I  stayed up late last night playing Saints Row 3 and finished it actually, then my kids were up at 8am. It would be nice to sleep in on the weekends, but I guess with kids…

Review of Giada Mini PC A51


I always thought an HTPC had to be a big, basically full sized computer, or at least something with at least a microATX motherboard in it with a standard video card along with a decent CPU. My thought on that…