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Mobile Internet Safety For Kids

Many responsible parents try to make sure that their children access the web in a safe manner, away from the threats of online predators. But how about that smart phone, tablet, or even the popular iPod Touch – are they…

10 Internet Memes That Can Still Make You Laugh

Do you still laugh at Keyboard Cat, Kanye’s Interruption and Chuck Norris facts? You’re not alone… the reason memes become popular to begin with is they’re humorous and addictive. These 10 memes can still tickle the funny bone.

You’re All a Bunch of Fat, Depressed Gamer Bums

  Researchers’ diving into the correlations between video games and negative human conditions is nothing new. For over a decade, we’ve been reading about the mental effects that violence and subjective opinions of inappropriateness found in game content have on…