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News for Wednesday November 20th 2013


Hey, hey… Hot Hardware has posted an Xbox One review. yeah you won’t be seeing a PS4 or Xbox One review from me anytime soon. Sadly neither company would even respond to my emails, oh well, such is life I…

News for Saturday September 7th 2013


Happy Saturday I think.. I’m so sick and have been for the past couple days, I barely slept last night, just kept tossing and turning because I can’t breathe just all stuffed up. Gack, I hate this. Anyway, it’s time…

Cooler Master’s PSUs are Haswell Ready


Cooler Master wants you to know that their power supplies are ready for Haswell! Are you? Seriously though Cooler Master has come out with a nice little press release about this, but it’s not only about the CM power supplies…