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News Roundup for July 2nd 2014


Happy Wednesday. I hope all of you out there are having a good day, I’m not, slept for a little over four hours and woke up with a migraine, great start to the day! Anyway, it’s time for the news…

News for Thursday March 13th 2014


  Fun fun.. it’s 9F here right now, I thought we were done with the cold. At least we didn’t get the 2 to 4 inches of snow they were predicting so I guess there’s a bright side. Anyway, here’s…

News for Friday September 27th 2013


Happy Friday… I think… my kids are off school today so I’ve got to deal with that. I like it much better when I’m home alone! So anyway, yes it’s Friday and I’ve got the news for you, so why…

News for Wednesday August 21st 2013


Let’s take a quick break from the reviews and get some news from our friends posted. Don’t worry I’ll have another review for you today, but the news needs to be posted! So go ahead and read the news and…

News for Thursday May 30th 2013


So it’s Thursday and the end of May is almost here and I’m miserable, I messed up my back again yesterday and I’m in excruciating pain just sitting here and I can’t fully stand up straight. Not fun at all……

News for Sunday April 21st 2013


So I got me an HTC One! Yep it arrived this past Thursday but sadly I couldn’t figure out how to transfer my contacts from sim to micro sim especially since I was going from Windows Phone back to Android……

New for Tuesday March 5th 2013


Yes it’s Tuesday and my kids have a very short week as they’re off Thursday and Friday! So anyway, we’ve got more reviews and news coming of course, but I figured it was time to post the news from our…

News for Saturday November 17th 2012


Happy Saturday, good morning and all that. Yes it’s time for the news once again, and we’ve got plenty of it for you today. Lots of new stuff has been reviewed this week and I believe there’s a few contests…

News for Sunday November 4th 2012


So I hope you changed your clocks last night! I did most of them, there’s a couple I still have to do yet. I had a rough night though, didn’t sleep well at all, kept getting up and about an…

News for Wednesday October 31st 2012


Happy Halloween! Yes I’ve replaced the standard news image with something more festive for today. Thanks to hurricane Sandy Halloween has been canceled today here, well not fully cancelled, it’s been postponed until Saturday for my kids which I guess…

News for Saturday August 25th 2012


Happy Saturday to you all! School starts on Monday for my kids, and that makes me happy! I’ll be home alone once again and hopefully I can then really get some work done! It’s been a long summer with three…

Vantec NexStar Universal Storage Adapter


Today for review I’ve got the Vantec NexStar Universal Storage Adapter, it’s a long name but it can do quite a bit. This product will allow you to access both SATA and IDE 2.5” and 3.5” drives along with 5.25” SATA and IDE Optical drives and even 66 types of memory cards, so it does live up to it’s name or being a universal adapter.

Vantec NexStar Vault 2.5" SATA Enclosure


External hard drives have become big business, they’ve started popping up everywhere in both 3.5” and 2.5” sizes. The 2.5” size has become much more popular do to the fact that the drives are ever increasing in size and of…