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Review of IZON 2.0 Remote Room Monitor


In 2011 I reviewed the IZON Remote Room Monitor, a relatively easy way to remotely view your home, office, pets or children. Recently Stem, the makers of the IZON updated it to the 2.0 version. This newer model features a…

Why HTML5 Is Not Enough – For Now


The web has grown by leaps and bounds since its inception, and technology has struggled to keep up with the demand. The rule of the day appears to be a series of quick fixes and patches to keep everything together,…

10 Internet Memes That Can Still Make You Laugh


Do you still laugh at Keyboard Cat, Kanye’s Interruption and Chuck Norris facts? You’re not alone… the reason memes become popular to begin with is they’re humorous and addictive. These 10 memes can still tickle the funny bone.

How HTML 5 will change the World (Wide Web)

World Wide Web

One Markup Language to rule them all … and in the darkness bind them. The Web is a living, evolving beast, and it seems certain that the future will hold more interaction with our everyday activities than it did in…