5 Reasons Digital Businesses Use Promos and Deals to Appeal to their Users

In the 21st century world in which we live, most of us occupy some area of the virtual environment whether it’s for shopping, working, or for seeking entertainment. However, with such a wide digital audience that continues to expand each year, how do businesses stay above the competition and keep their customers happy?

Check out below the most important reasons that make a concrete case for customer rewards. You’ll be surprised at the lasting impact such a small additional marketing strategy can have on your business.





Marketing teams strategize to bring the most relevant offers to their expanding digital audiences


An improved sense of customer loyalty

Most times, the number one thing businesses seek is customer loyalty. At its core, customer loyalty is defined by people interacting with one brand consistently and in the long-term. Every business desires building this type of bond with their users, especially since those people exist only in the digital realm and they cannot meet with them face-to-face.

Digital businesses want to get to the point where their customers choose them on an ongoing basis over all others. One way they do this is through the offering of discounts and promotions. These tactics work to both retain existing customers as well as attract new ones. Perhaps a brand-new user visits your site for the first time because they’ve heard of a limited time offer you’re releasing. There you instantly have one additional customer that was previously not a member of your acting audience.

In addition, regardless of the industry, promos can be great resources for word-of-mouth marketing as users spread the news of your business’s discount to their friends. For example, sports followers who are existing members of virtual sportsbooks may advise fellow fans of the BetMGM Promo Code which appeals to new users interested in placing their first free bet. Here the business immediately creates customer traction simply through conversation, as the new user is introduced to the company with excitement and expectancy. Although this is just one example from the sports sector, thousands of instances like these exist across the web in an effort to interact with users in a more personal way that creates long-term loyalty.

Leveraging emotion for an increase in traffic and sales

An obvious reason why digital businesses use promotions – their presence undoubtedly drives traffic and increases sales. In the same way that a physical clothing store draws shoppers in with signs that read “limited time offer” or “50% discount on all tags marked red,” internet companies that include special promos in their services have been proven to see improvement in market revenue and overall profits.

When brainstorming the best way to include promos in your online business, be sure to think about the copy you’ll bring to the site. For example, language that emphasizes time such as “offer ends this week” or “promos through the month of May” have been proven to be more effective than those that don’t. Creating excitement and this “must-have” feeling inside the potential buyer is crucial. After all, humans respond best to those emotional pulls, when we are presented with an offer we can’t readily resist.

Appeal to and retain social media users

Nowadays you’ll be hard pressed to find a digital business that does not also promote its services through social media. Leading applications like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook have done more for these companies in the past 10 years than some marketing agencies have accomplished in a lifetime of existence.

Some other social media tactics such as follower purchasing can also easily increase activity and give your business an enhanced reputation. Then, when a giveaway is announced, you already have thousands of users interacting and sharing your product to the masses. Social media isn’t going away anytime soon so your business’s presence on these platforms is vital for steady and consistent growth.



As the number of mobile users continues to rise, social media giveaways and promos are vital to the sustained growth of any business 

Special opportunities put you above the competition

Last but not least, companies that consistently offer unique sales to their users will place themselves in a position above their competitors. As stated above, people are attracted to deals and shopping situations that are more economically friendly. If your business’s value proposition is irresistible, how could someone choose to put their money somewhere else?

The bottom line: promotions are a key ingredient in the overall recipe of an effective marketing strategy. Incorporating deals into your brand’s sales mix can have huge short- and long-term benefits – the most important of which is making your customers happy and eager to come back for more.