5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Start a YouTube Vlog


Updating a blog is still a good thing to do, but if you want to grab more attention for your business then a vlog (video blog) is an essential addition to your marketing toolbox. Here are just five of the reasons why you need to get onto YouTube and get started.


  1. There’s a huge audience to be tapped into
    Every month at least six billion hours of video are watched on YouTube, and over 90% of those who watch videos on mobile devices choose to share them – so that makes your potential reach absolutely mind-blowing. Vlogs are a great way to add another strand for current fans, followers and customers of your business, as well as attracting many more.

  2. It’s easy to create and to consume
    All you need is a decent quality camera on your phone (pretty standard these days), or a webcam, someone willing and able to appear on camera, and some solid ideas to attract viewers. You can make all kinds of vlogs, and don’t have to have a real person appear on every one of them – so long as they offer value to those who come across it.

People love easy ways to take in advice, tips, information or pretty much anything, and they seem to like visuals – so they are more likely to hang around than they might if faced with reading a lot of words.

3. Vlogs are a low-cost venture
While you don’t want to post badly lit content filmed by someone with a shaky hand neither do you need to invest an awful lot of time and money to make the most of this opportunity. You don’t even need to spend money on creating lots of new material, as it’s a good chance to update and revamp current blog content – to suit visual consumption methods.

4. Videos really boost your SEO
Major search engines know that their users like videos, so in turn they reward you for posting them. Getting into the habit of posting regular vlogs with fun, interesting and engaging content will do nothing but good for your position in those all-important rankings.

5. Vlogs provide a fabulous chance to connect with your audience
The most successful businesses need to be noticed and to appeal to consumers, and this happens in part by being real, and also by building rapport and trust. Vlogs give you the chance to create 3D versions of static photos and business background information on a website. They give people the chance to relate to you, to develop a relationship which will have a positive influence on their spending. This is a great opportunity to have video tours of your premises, or snippets of live action of that reflects what you do better.

Final Words

Vlogging is something big companies and celebrities exploit very well, so there’s no reason why your business can’t get a slice of this exciting pie.

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