9 Useful Writing Tools For College Freshmen

Learning in college will either appear challenging or easy, based on your level of preparedness. Preparation means gathering the necessary resources to help you complete academic work fast while delivering quality. Hiring a professional paper writer will make assignments easy and fast to complete. What other tools can you use to make college life easy as a freshman?



1. Google Docs

College is supposed to teach you how to gather people and resources to achieve a bigger goal. Google Docs is a collaborative tool that allows you to work on an assignment with other members of your group from different locations. Each member of the group can make changes and contributions to the essay from a remote location. The changes and inputs can be tracked and traced back. You create levels of approval to help enhance the quality of your paper.

2. Copyscape

Your teacher, department, and supervisor expect you to produce original work. It sometimes proves difficult because you have to cite other documents and publications. Use Copyscape to ensure that your teacher does not flag the paper for plagiarism. The software will highlight plagiarized areas to help you during proofreading.

3. Professional Writers

Completing a quality paper is difficult, especially when you have other activities like sports, hiking, and clubs to attend. You also need personal time to relax. Avoid fatigue by hiring professional writers to draft the paper. Editors will help you review the document before it is submitted.

4. Grammarly

The name of the tool suggests that it has something to do with grammar. The software helps you correct spelling mistakes on the document so that you can present a pristine paper. It provides suggestions of alternatives that you can use to improve on the quality of delivery.

5. Thesaurus

Some words are able to represent an idea better than others. Thesaurus helps you to find words with a similar meaning to avoid monotony or repetition. It is among the writing resources for students that help you make the paper more stylish.

6. Word Counter

Each assignment comes with specific instructions on the size or amount of words. While most word-processing applications will indicate the number of words already written, the Word Counter goes beyond that to include spell-checks and word density counters. You will deliver a sleek paper that helps you score admirably high.

7. Word And Phrase Frequency Counter

Each student or writer has some favorite words and phrases that are likely to feature prominently throughout the document. Such words or phrases could make your work monotonous. The Frequency Counter helps you avoid repetition by highlighting the repeated words or phrases and providing alternatives.

8. Cite This For Me

Academic writing demands you to reference the sources of your ideas. A citation will help your reader to trace the source of the ideas you have discussed. It is also part of referencing and formatting, elements that are guided by strict rules. A citation tool ensures that you follow the rules strictly and, therefore, avoid misleading your readers. Proper citation will raise the quality of your paper.

9. Vocabulary

Use of ordinary words and phrases in your paper makes a paper boring to read. Vocabulary provides suggestions of alternative words and phrasing to make your writing more interesting to read. The software and platform offer games that you can play to improve your command of vocabulary. You can choose areas of interest like sports, science, arts, humanities, and such other segments where the words will originate.

Writing tools reduce the time taken to complete a paper. It will allow you to focus on the content of your essay instead of spending all your time typing or thinking of the words to use. You will have the most amazing college experience when you use these tools in your writing exercises.