How to Find and Take Advantage of the Best Deals on Amazon


Did you know more than 75% of U.S. consumers shop at Amazon?

Who wouldn’t? They offer tons of products and you could qualify for free shipping, too. That’s a great deal — but did you know could save even more cash?

Finding the best deals on Amazon isn’t difficult. You simply have to know where to look and what to get.


Don’t worry if it seems complicated. We’ll explain it to you.

Read on below and discover how to get the best discounts today.

Amazon Outlet

Never heard of Amazon Outlet?

It’s okay if you haven’t — the retail giant doesn’t advertise it. You can’t find it on their homepage, either.

Instead, you have to search for it on Google or type in the exact URL to get there. Once there, you’ll find a wide assortment of great discount deals. The majority of these items are electronic gadgets and household items.

Why do these products sell at low prices?

Amazon Outlet offers overstocked items. These are clearance items that need to go so Amazon can clear off shelves for more valuable products.

That doesn’t mean nobody wants these items. Sometimes these items simply go unnoticed due to an oversaturated market, poor timing, or sheer bad luck. You might find something in Outlet that satisfies all your needs.

However, keep in mind that Outlet doesn’t always offer the lowest deals.

There may be occasions when Lightning deals or discount vouchers offer something better. That said, Outlet is a great place to start.

One other major benefit is that these items are brand-new and unopened. We’ll tackle Amazon Warehouse in a bit, but this detail is what separates Outlet from Warehouse. If you want an unopened, brand-new item for low prices, this is where you should look first.

Coupon and Discount Dealers

If you want the best Amazon deals, you should subscribe to a coupon and discount dealer.

Discount vouchers can net you a large percentage off certain items. If they reach a certain amount, or if you’re an Amazon Prime member, you could save even further with free shipping.

Keep in mind that some discount coupons have an expiration date, so use them as quickly as possible.

Also, some coupons have a certain requirement you have to meet before you can enjoy the discount. For example, a voucher could offer $25 off but only if your order reaches a minimum of $100. Other vouchers might offer a bigger discount but only for a specific item, like $50 off a Sony speaker, for example.

Don’t try every coupon you find online. Practice some caution because some scammers use fake vouchers to hack your system and steal your information.

Others might sell legit vouchers but also offer expired coupons, too. It can be a chore to go through them and determine which one works.

Check here if you’re looking for legitimate Amazon coupons. You’ll find real discounts and great rebate offers, too.

Warehouse Deals

Let’s backtrack a bit to Amazon Outlet.

The one major issue with Outlet is that it focuses on excess items that very few look for and purchase. You might not find what you need.

This is where Amazon Warehouse comes in.

Amazon Warehouse also offers items at low prices but there is a major caveat: these are all second-hand, used items. Fortunately, most of these items aren’t as used as you’d assume.

When people think of used items, they imagine cracked screens or factory defects.

However, “used items” also refers to products that someone got as a gift but they returned because they wanted a different color or a different item. Those still count as “used,” and once they’re back at Amazon, the retailer labels and sells them under Amazon Warehouse.

They can’t sell the item at the original SRP because the product already went through shipping and a customer’s hands.

Even if the person never turned the item on or opened the box, that item no longer counts as brand-new. This is the reason they go on sale for a lower price.

If the customer did open the product or if they returned it for other reasons, Amazon processes the item before putting it back on sale. This ensures all the items on Warehouse, even the damaged ones, function as intended.

Products sold on Amazon Warehouse come in five categories:

  • New
  • Like New
  • Very Good
  • Good
  • Acceptable

New means the item wasn’t opened but there might be signs of damage on the packaging, due to shipping. Like New refers to items that customers opened but then returned to Amazon. Very Good means the item works but could show a few cosmetic issues and signs of use.

Good products might have a few missing accessories or noticeable cosmetic problems. They still work as intended. Acceptable items might miss more accessories and might come with third-party pieces instead.

Lightning Deals

Make it a habit to always check Amazon’s Lightning Deals.

This refers to an Amazon deal offered for a limited time. These can last for mere minutes before they disappear.

Lightning Deals often make a big splash during Black Friday. That’s when you can find expensive items, like a Playstation 4 Pro, for $100 off. However, you have to click fast because thousands of other people are on the same page, ready to grab the same deal.

Remember: these deals only last between 2 and 6 hours. Lightning Deals only offer a limited number of stocked items and these must be stocks already in Amazon’s fulfillment centers.

You could click a Lightning Deal as quickly as you can but that might not be enough! Someone with a fast Internet speed might have locked in a sale before you did, even if your attempts were microseconds apart.

Now You Know How to Get the Best Deals on Amazon!

Take time to browse through Amazon Warehouse, Outlet, and Lightning Deals. Use a voucher dealer to get even more discounts on orders or specific items.

Using these tips, you’ll find the best deals on Amazon, guaranteed.

Saving money doesn’t end here, however. If you’re looking for more great shopping tips, we’ve got you covered.

Check out more of our guides now and discover more ways to save money while shopping!

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