How to Optimize Your Home Computer’s Performance


Computers are used on a daily basis by an incredible amount of people in the Western world. One of the most common first world problems is the frustration that using a slow or unresponsive computer can bring about. Despite this many of us continue to use and become enraged by such machines.

Optimizing an old and slow or even a much newer computer doesn’t always involve a lot of incredibly complicated bits of work or expensive equipment. A lot of problems can be prevented by ensuring your computer is performing at a top level.

New Servers

If you notice your home computer is running slowly then it’s best to first check whether it’s got a virus. Otherwise a common reason is that it’s running out of memory. Installing a new server from Pinnacle Data with a much higher memory should instantly resolve this problem. In homes or offices where numerous computers are all linked, rack and tower servers are both energy efficient and high performing options.

Optimize Wi-Fi

Alongside food and water, internet access was named a basic human right by the UN. Ensuring your Wi-Fi is working to its best ability is a great way to do this and there are many ways to optimize its performance. The placement of the Wi-Fi router is key. Putting it high up and in the center of all the computers and devices it needs to connect to is the most ideal location. Sometimes you may need to enlist the services of an electrician to create an outlet in the right place.

Remove Unnecessary Software

Also known as bloatware, many brand new PCs come with a lot of unnecessary software installed that takes up memory space and slows down computers. There are numerous programs you can use to get rid of such software but check they are actually useless before deleting. Don’t just remove from the desktop either, they need to be fully removed.

Update Hardware

Getting everything on your computer up to date is one of the easiest ways to have your computer running at its top capabilities. Check for router and driver updates regularly as well as upgrades to your operating system. Like anything, after a lot of use hardware starts to wear and slow down, so if you use your computer a lot and for high performance activities such as gaming, upgrading graphics network cards and more is essential. Optimize your computer’s performance with these simple tips.