How to Take Your Sports Betting to the Next Level?


Sports betting is seen as a hobby for the vast majority of people around the world. There are a small number of punters who are professional, and they make their living from betting.

While that may be a dream for some, it is an almost impossible task. However, what is not an impossible task is taking your betting far more seriously and moving it to the next level.


Whether you bet using your local bookmaker, the betting apps on the Android phone device in your pocket, or using a computer, you can improve things.

Do you enjoy sports betting, but want to put yourself in a position where you can aim to win more money from it, and take things far more seriously than your average punter?

If this is the case then you will need to make changes to how you bet and your overall approach to it. Here are three ways in which you can do that, to turn yourself into a more competent and aware gambler.

Focus on Saving Money Not Winning More

If you think about any aspect of life that involves money, the first thing you do when you want to improve your finances is that you look at where you can save and what you can cut out.

This is something that gamblers don’t do. If gamblers want to improve their finances, they increase stakes, or look at where they are winning money and this is a trap that many fall into.

Take the opposite view, look at where you can save money or where you are losing too much money. If you do this, and cut out bets on sports that aren’t working, you will increase your profit and loss figures without backing any more winners than you are doing at the moment.

You can increase profit without being more successful.

Expect to Lose and Set Realistic Long-Term Targets

This is purely a mental aspect of betting, but something that all punters have to get their head around to control and manage their betting.

If you place a wager at 4/1 on a horse running at Royal Ascot, the odds suggest that there is a 20% chance that this bet will win. What you also need to focus on here is that there is an 80% chance that the bet will lose. If the odds are correct, this bet will lose eight times out of ten.

If it loses seven times out of ten, winning the other three, then you will be in profit. A 30% strike rate, seven losers from 10 bets and yet you are in profit. Betting can be done this way, depending on the odds of course, and you need to understand that.

You don’t need to back a winner with every bet you place.

Use Your Betting Knowledge to Cut Corners with Offers

If you want to take things more seriously, the chances are that you have a very good betting knowledge. This is something you must use to your advantage.

Look out for betting offers that can help you either win more, or give you your money back as a free bet such as those listed onfreebets uk.

As an example, if you place accumulators, some bookmakers will either give you a percentage boost on winnings or money back if you fall just short. Both can help you, bet with a bookmaker offering them and not with someone who has nothing on the table.

There are many different offers like this one you can use for all aspects of betting. The key is having the right knowledge to know which ones to use in which circumstances, do that and your betting will improve thanks to these offers.