Online Gaming During the Recession

As economic slowdown cripples and shatters the world. Online gaming companies are hopeful that more people with no job or work from home, with more spare time in their hands, will seek online entertainment from their homes. Online gaming allows you to compete with other players over the internet. Players come from different countries, different cultures, and ethics. During the economic meltdown, the rate of jobless increases significantly, and the salaries and wages are also curtailed. This factor compels people in lower consumption of goods and services, including their gambling ventures.



Social anxiety

A recession certainly creates anxiety and insecurity in society. Fear of losing a job is always lurking upon an employee, and the jobless desperately seek another job, when the job market is sluggish. Anxiety and tension is always co-related to gambling behavior. The study reveals several attempts of self-discipline (trying to avoid gambling and dealing with stress) leads to inferior self-control (Mauraven and Baumeister 2000). Coping with trauma consumes a lot of energy, leaving the person with less energy for further self-discipline. Emotional trauma and anxiety many times can lead to problem gambling as the person wants to find a way to vent his resentments and simultaneously earn some money. Emotional stress and other outside influence like anxiety can further grave the situation.

Unemployment increases the spare time of a person significantly. Boredom is one of the predominant factors for indulging in online gambling. People want to break the shackles of tediousness by playing online casino games. One can log in to online casino websites like agen togel. Further studies reveal older people mostly above the age of 65; the lifestyle of these people are similar to unemployed one are prone to gamble for entertainment or reliving boredom than to earn money. Gambling is the only possible way to win a jackpot worth millions of dollars, spending a small amount of money. In an economic depression, this minuscule yet real chance of winning a jackpot is more alluring and appealing than in less troubled time. Lottery sales and casino revenues are sensitive to the state employment rate.

Increase in gambling opportunities

Economic slowdown results in an increase in gambling opportunities. When revenue of governments becomes sluggish due to economic slowdown, they try to balance it by increasing gambling opportunity. Governments try to promote gambling, to generate employment, revenue, and to attract tourism. These factors play a major role in spreading gambling; at least it was witnessed in 13 countries. The rate of employment is one of the benchmarks for judging the performance of an economy. The legalization of casinos is more likely to happen in these hard times as the gambling industry generates both employment and revenue. During the Great Depression, there was a great upswing in horse race betting, and then it subsided as the normal economy returned slowly. Besides financial factors, a facility of internet gaming also attracts more players. All that one requires is a computer or mobile device with an internet connection. You do not have a step outside of your home; the small handheld cell phone gives you all the pleasure of gambling.