What Are The Types Of Casino Bonuses Available Online in The UK?

One of the biggest USPs on online casinos, as opposed to their real-world counterparts, is the fact that practically every online casino will offer you a casino bonus. These little beauties are very simple to get your head around and they are simply ways to reward you for either choosing their site, to maintain you as a customer, as rewards for loyalty shown to the casino, or gifts for completing achievements on their site. Whatever the reason, these come in all shapes and sizes and you should take a look at Betpal.com to know what type of bonuses are available online in the UK. This page will explain everything there is to know about them so you know what to look for when you are searching for bonuses online.



Cash-Match Bonuses

By far the most common bonuses available online is cash-match bonuses. These are awarded to you by almost every casino when you first sign up at the casino to boost your playing funds on your first day as a welcome bonus. However, they are also frequently found as recurring bonuses, or reload bonuses, that you can claim every month, week or even sometimes, on a daily basis. The concept is very simple to understand.

When you see a cash-match bonus, it will usually provide you with a percentage that the cash match bonuses will be worth. For example, the most common version is 100%. This means that the money you deposit to their site will be matched by that amount. As such, if you deposit $100 then you will get $100 in bonus cash from the casino on top which you can also use to play casino games. This provides you with a total of $200 to play with as opposed to the $100 you deposited. It is as simple as that.

While this is one example, often these can be higher amounts such as 200%, which will, therefore, double your money twice over. Thus, you would begin with $300 with just a $100 deposit. However, you might also get a 50% bonus, where you would only get $50 on top of your $100 deposit given you $150 to begin with. The concept remains the same though. One final thing to consider in regards to this is that they will often be capped. As such, it will often say that it is a 100% bonus up to $200. This means even if you deposit over $200, you won’t receive any more than the $200 designated.

Free Spins

Free Spins are also very commonly found at online casinos with them often offered in a combination deal with the cash-match bonuses. Their name is a big giveaway about the purpose they serve. Essentially, they will provide you with free spins on a designated game for making a deposit to their casino.

These free spins can range from anywhere from 5 free spins to as over 1000 free spins but it varies from casino to casino. Sometimes the amount you get will be reflective of the deposit you make, but other times, you will just have to meet the minimum deposit offered by the casino and then you will earn the full number of free spins that the bonus deal offers you.

Of course, these are only useful on slot games with them having no function elsewhere. This is of course, worth bearing in mind prior to claiming them. Another thing to consider is the fact that often casinos will select just one game or a handful of games that are eligible for you to use them on, so usually, you can’t just use them on every slot game the casino offers.

No Deposit Free Spins

No deposit free spins work the exactly the same way as free spins, the only difference being is that they require no deposit to claim them. These are almost exclusively offered to new players to their site with the concept being that you will register your details at a new casino, and then, just for doing that, they will give you a selection of free spins to use.

These will often be a significantly lower number than what you would get via a free spins deal, with around 5-20 no deposit free spins and again, they will be made available on just a couple of games. However, of course, they require no commitment on your part in order to claim them and just need you to register your details.

Apart from them giving you free play-time at the casino, another perk if they can give you a chance to browse the casino and see what they offer. While also having the potential to win a bit of cash on top too in order to get your time at the casino off to the right start and then, maybe claim another bonus they might offer.

Free Bets

Free bets are an option that is more commonly available to you if you bet in sportsbooks or in live casinos. What these will offer you is the chance to place a bet which will essentially be risk-free as you will not be wagering any of your money in order to partake in the bet.

The way these work is that they will give you the free bet directly to use, or they may require you to place a bet with your own money, but with the promise that if the bet loses, then you will then get the money you place back. As such, either way, there is no risk on your end.

Usually, these will have limits, such as the amount you can wager, the market you choose to wager it on, or the odds that you can place the free bet. Whatever the scenario, they do provide you with some ways to place with limited off.


Another common deal that is offered will be cashback. Due to their nature, these will often come into effect some point later down the line during your time at a casino. These will essentially provide you with a percentage of the money you lost back to you, in the form of cashback, or alternatively, it will give you a percentage of the money you spent overall back to you.

Sometimes, these will be periodic deals. For example, they will give you cashback money used over a period of a promotion, but some casinos will offer you cashback as standard for the whole duration of your time as a member of their casino with the option to claim it back regularly.


What is a Welcome bonus?

A welcome bonus is a deal given to you when you sign up at a casino. Often this could be a combination of some of the deals we have mentioned or could be a standalone deal. They also are frequently built up over a couple of visits to the casino with more rewards for returning.

What is a VIP Scheme?

A VIP Scheme are rewards that are given to the player for proving they are a top player dedicated to placing big money bets at a casino. These rewards can vary a lot and can include everything we have mentioned, but also a more tailored service, holidays or VIP experiences.

What are Wagering Requirements?

Most of these deals have wagering requirements. This is the number of times you have to wager any claimed cash amounts or win amounts before you can withdraw it from the casino. The wagering requirements must always been specified if the casino wants to keep his license from UKGC for instance.