Phone Casino Gameplay


We have come to rely on our phones for so much more than simply keeping up to date with our social media sites, friends and family, in fact we can use our portable computers for just about anything we want as long as we can use a reliable internet connection.


Living in a Mobile Age

Today, we shop and pay for so many goods and services using our smartphones that to lose it or have our phone stolen adds up to a minor disaster for many.

We rely on our mobiles to keep in touch with others, we monitor our health and we also source our entertainment with mobile online casinos topping the list of what many people like to do when they have some spare time in their busy lives.

Identity Theft

Sadly, there will always be those that would benefit from others by stealing from them and being online has its own set of criminals, those that would steal others personal details and use them dishonestly. Each and every time we go online, we are under the threat of hackers, but there are measures that we and the sites we visit can put into place to combat this threat.

Safe and Secure Payment Methods

As was mentioned earlier playing at an online casino is an experience that is enjoyed by many people, and the best online casinos offer their players only the safest and most secure ways to fund their accounts. All the most popular banking methods like VISA, MasterCard, NetEller, PayPal. Bank Transfer amongst others can be found, but as an extra level of security you might chose to pay by BOKU.

What is BOKU and How Does it Work?

Simply put, BOKU is a payment option that uses your phone bill to pay for games and casinos that accept Boku have listened to their players providing even more choice when it comes to making a deposit.

Using Boku actually means that there is no need to give any banking details over to any site that accepts this method as none is required – the costs of games is either paid for by deducting the amount from a pay-as-you-go balance or added onto a monthly phone bill – No need for banks so no chance of any banking details being hacked into.

Setting up Boku is very simple and you will be walked through each step receiving SMS messages to confirm each stage, just choose the BOKU logo at the deposit page to start.

Simple, safe and very secure, Boku might just be the banking method you are looking for.