Review of E-WIN Champion Series Ergonomic Computer Gaming Office Chair with Pillows – CPF

Whether you’re a gamer or someone who works in an office or maybe a little of both, I’m sure you can appreciate the need for a good quality chair that combines both comfort and functionality for an affordable price. E-Win Racing is well known for their high quality and comfortable gaming chairs and recently did a redesign on something that I think was already a great chair, I didn’t think they could improve on their design but they did just that and they sent me one for review. The new design is makes an already great chair even better in all aspects of it’s design and functionality. I’ve got a couple videos for you and lots of pictures so just read on…


Specifications and Features


E-WIN Champion Series Ergonomic Computer Gaming Office Chair with Pillows – CPF


E-WIN Stain Resistant 2.0 PU Leather:
With the First Stain Resistant E-WIN 2.0 PU Leather. It can be cleaned repeatedly without surface damage by using a clean cloth. Also it surpasses industry performance standards for strength abrasion, hydrolysis, and UV stability, while retaining the looks and feels most like real leather that made it so popular.

E-WIN Cold-Cure Foam:
E-WIN Prime interior high-density foam puts it well above the standard High Resiliency foam. Engineered to be 2 times heavier than regular foam per cubit foot, inching it near the realm of memory foam. The elasticity of the foam helps prolong the comfort life of the chair and adds to the overall durability of the product.

Nap Extra Comfortably with The Adjustable Backrest
Whether you’re gaming, working or taking a nap, an angle-adjustable backrest will help you adjust the sitting position throughout the course of your using experience

Make The Chair Adapt to You with The Multi-tilt Mechanism
A locking mechanism is in place to enable sublime comfort in whichever position takes your fancy at the time. This means that, should you wish to, you are able to tilt the chair and lock it in place, allowing you to relax without fearing a loss of balance.

Hub-Less Casters
Choose Styles Of Champion Series Come with E-WIN PRIME Hub-Less Wheels, Featuring All Metal Ball Bearing for Soft, Smooth Glide And long Lasting Usage, While Giving an Unique And Futuristic Appearance.

Chair Type: Gaming/Office Chair
Foam Type:High Density Separated Foaming
Foam Density: 55kg/m3
Frame Color: Black
Frame Construction: Metal
Adjustable Armrests: 4D
Mechanism Type: Multi-functional Tilt
Tilt Lock: Yes
Tilt Angle Lock: Yes
Gas Lift Class: 4
Chair/Seat Back Style: High-back
Adjustable Back Angle: 85-155 Degrees
Base Type: 5-star Wide Aluminum Base
Caster Size & Material: 2″ Caster/PU
Max Load: 400lbs

Up to 10yr warranty/ 5yr extended warranty

Price: $419 (at time of review)
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The Review

We’ll start off with an unboxing video and then get into more details:



The box is large as you would expect but not as heavy as it looks, still I would be careful moving it around without help.

Once you get the box open you’ll find plenty of protective padding for all the assorted parts of the chair, overall it’s packaged very well and should withstand shipping anywhere with no issues.

The new upgraded chair comes with memory foam pillows that are covered with a very soft felt like material. The larger pillow is for the lumbar area of the chair and just rests on the seat. The smaller pillow is for the headrest and is made of the same materials but it has magnets in it to attach to the headrest and make it very easy to adjust to your correct position and comfort. I have other E-WIN gaming chairs and these pillows are very much different than the ones on the other chairs, and that’s a good thing, I love these new pillows, they’re just so soft and comfortable on the back on head.

On the back of the pillows are zippers so I would assume that you could remove the covers and machine wash them, but not sure about machine washing, just a guess on my part. I would have

In the small brown box you’ll find the tilt/tension mechanism that attaches to the bottom the chair. I’m noting this because it’s a totally different and redesigned when compared to the other Ewin chairs I have.

Included in another medium sized black box which contains lots of assorted parts for the chair. They also included a small hammer which I was confused as to why, but figured it out later when I assembled the chair.

Inside of the box you’ll find 2 magnetic side cover, 5 casters or wheels, long allen key, 4 screws for the bottom of chair, reversible phillips/hex bit and handle for it, the hydraulic piston and sleeve along with height adjustment and tilt lock levers. Another notable difference is the wheels, they are hubless and I think they have a futuristic look to them, I like the new look very much. I also like the included tools as they can be reused for things.


The chair base is redesigned as well, it has a new smooth look and seems much sturdier.


You’ll also find on the side an large envelope which contains a folder with the user manual inside.


They also include a poster sized assembly guide to help you get your new chair constructed in a timely manner.


The seat of the chair is black with a diamond pattern, the arms rests have clear plastic protective covers on them. The armrests don’t actually have the real covers on them, they come in a separate package and attach magnetically. One thing to note about the chair seat is that it differs from the older style is that the seat is one solid piece of material covering it, the older chair had the sides separate from the seat and dust and debris could get down in there, I like the solid design much better.


Here’s a couple close-ups of the texture and material of the chair seat for you. I really like the diamond pattern. The foam inside of the seat is firm yet soft, they call it Cold-Cure foam that’s heavier than regular foam and more durable and resilient helping it keep its shape and last longer.



The armrest covers come in two separate boxes, one with white foam and one with black to differentiate between left and right sides. The rests themselves have a firm foam inside of the them for comfort along with the Ewin logo and metal plates on the bottom to attach to the magnets on the chair arms.


There are four circular magnets on the tops of the armrests to attach the covers to. The arms themselves are black in color but have chrome accents on them. On the outside of the arm is a chrome lever which is used to raise and lower the armrests for comfort. On the inside of the rests is a small button and lever to move the rests forward and back and side to side for even more adjustments for comfort.


On the bottom of the seat of the chair is where the tilt mechanism attaches and this is where I found out what the hammer is used for as there are instructions for attaching the tilt and raise/lower arms and you used the hammer to attach them to the base.


The back of the chair matches the seat pattern and has the firm yet soft foam inside of it. The material is what they call 2.0 PU leather, it’s stain resistant and can be easily cleaned with a cloth, it really does have the look and feel of real leather. The E-win logo is stitched into the headrest and off to the side is the Champion logo as well. The back of the chair is smooth and plain, but the E-win and Champion logos are stitched on the back too and look good, I like the black and gold color scheme quite a bit.


So now we’ve seen all that, I’ve got an assembly video for you:


As you can see by the video it took my just over 9 minutes to assemble the chair, which I think is very fast. I have assembled several chairs in my life and many other things so that might factor into it but I don’t really think so as it was very easy to follow the instructions to get the chair assembled. I think think most anyone can assemble the chair in about 10 minutes.


Here are several pictures of the chair assembled for you:


A new addition to the design of the chair is two knobs on the chair back sides for adjusting the lumbar support features of the chair. One knob is to adjust the curvature and the other is to adjust the position. I for one welcome these fine adjustments as I have back issues, in fact I’m in pain right now as I sit typing this review, a couple days ago I literally had to crawl to get to the bathroom, I have some major issues with my back at times and it’s not nice at all. Even if you don’t have back problems I think these will be a welcome addition as they will make it more comfortable when sitting long periods of time while gaming or working.

Back in 2017 I reviewed the older version of the E-Win Champion series chair, here’s pictures of that chair and the new chair for comparison. The chairs look similar but they are very much different, the new design is larger and bulkier or thicker, which is a good thing, it offers more room for your body and is more comfortable I think. I’m six feet tall and weigh about 180lbs, I fit very comfortably in the chair. The new pillows are larger and softer and I prefer them over the old style. My cat really likes the new chair, I walk away for a few minutes and come back to find him in it, usually he just slept in the chair at night but now he’s always in the new chair if I’m not.



I didn’t think there was much room for improvement when it comes to E-Win chairs, I own four of the older style and like them very much, but this style just vastly improves on the older version of the E-Win chairs in my opinion. Everything about the chair is an improvement, it seems they just threw away the old design and started from scratch to create something special and created or designed a vastly superior chair overall.

The chair is just well made and designed, it’s probably, without a doubt, the best heavy duty gaming chair on the market today. This chair will be able to withstand years of use of daily use for sure, be it gaming or office tasks or like me, for both uses.

I love the overall attention to the detail, for example they didn’t need to add their logo on the armrests but they did and it just adds to the overall look and feel of the new design. They added welcome functional details too, like the two lumbar support knobs that just add more value and functionality to an already excellently designed chair.

Maybe it’s me, but the new style wheels or casters seem to move more smoothly and freely when compared to the older style. They feel smooth when rolling and rotate more easily making it easy to move around on the chair.

I’ve looked around and the price for this chair seems very good when compared to similar looking and featured chairs on the market, in fact it seems lower priced. There are lower priced chairs out there of course (sub-$100) but I wouldn’t get one honestly, they’re just not worth it in my opinion, they won’t last, and the comfort is questionable as is the overall quality. I looked at the higher priced chairs and they just don’t seem to have the multitude of features that an E-Win chair has so why pay more for less? E-Win makes a great chair at an affordable price point, it’s well worth the cost for sure.

The new E-Win Champion Series Gaming Office Chair is exceptionally well made and designed with comfort and functionality in mind. For me it’s the perfect chair and I think it would be for most people as well.



-Excellent Design and Construction
-Very Comfortable
-Added Functionality
-Great Value
-Vastly Improved Over Old Design
-Simple and Quick Assembly



score-10-10 Recommended


Grading Scores Out of 10
Overall score-10-10
Design / Aesthetic score-10-10
Value / Price score-10-10
Performance / Usage score-10-10



Disclosure: This product was given to me for review by the company for review purposes only for free or at a discounted price.

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