Should You Stay at Home or Game on the Go? The Desktop vs. Mobile Casino Debate


When online casino gaming first came into being, desktops were the only way we could play. Today, however, thanks to a combination of innovation and imagination, we can now play via our smartphones and tablets. Now, we’re pretty sure that no one is going to complain about more ways to play. However, this increased number of options does raise the question: which medium is best? Should you play via your desktop or take things out on the road via your mobile? Well, in this article, we’ve attempted to answer this burning question with a few facts…

Game Selection

If there’s one area in which desktop casinos still reign supreme, it’s game selection. Although the latest mobile sites and apps are growing in size and stature, the reality is the desktop casinos still offer more games. Although the ratio of desktop to mobile games will vary from operator-to-operator, it’s typically the case that you’ll see a 25% reduction in options. Is that a huge problem?

Well, it all depends on the games you enjoy. If you’re into slots, you’ll typically find a full roster of options when you ante-up via your smartphone or tablet. However, if table games such as craps, baccarat and table poker are you’re thing, you might your options are slightly restricted when you game on the go.

Potential Payouts

If the number of ways to win is smaller in the mobile casino world, then surely your chances of winning something sizeable are diminished? While that might seem like a logical argument, the reality is quite different. In fact, when you look at the facts, mobile players are starting to win some serious jackpots away from their desktops.

At the start of November 2017, a Vera & John spinner banked €266,084 via their iPad. Playing the mobile-optimized Wolfpack Pays slot game, the lucky player was the latest player to fill their coffers via their mobile. Indeed, 2017 has proved to be the year of mobile slots as the world record was broken back in April. Like Jeanette, the lucky player used their mobile to spin the reels of Mega Moolah and win a life-changing €8,012,153.

Play on the Move

It’s obvious but it’s a point that we just can’t gloss over: mobile casino gaming allows you to play whenever and wherever you want. Although desktop casinos are great for creating an immersive experience, smartphones and tablets come out top when it comes to accessibility. Not only that, but mobile casinos are more efficient. As well as giving you the power to whip out your phone or tablet and play at any time, mobile casino apps bring new levels of functionality to the mix.

The best example of this new efficiency and functionality can be seen when you play slots. By taking the internal features of popular Android and iOS devices, slots developers have made it possible for you to play without clicking common “spin” button. Depending on the slot, you can swipe downwards and the reels will spring into life. If that’s still too much contact for you, you can use shake your device and activate your device’s accelerometer to set the game in motion. This, in many respects, is the biggest reason to play casino games (especially slots) via your mobile.

Move with Your Casino as You Move with the Times

In most circumstances, desktop and mobile casinos are almost identical. Thanks to better hardware and software, developers have been able to take the top games and make them function just as well in a mobile setting as they do via desktops. Because of this, you’ll typically be able to have just as much fun via your mobile as you can your desktop.

However, where things start to differ is in the innovation department. Smartphones and tablets are constantly improving, while desktop devices have pretty much peaked in terms of their evolution. With this being the case, you can look forward to many more innovations in the mobile arena. So, if we’re picking a dog in this fight, we’ll have to side with mobiles on this occasion.