Struggling to Find a Good Priced CDN Provider? Here’s How to Choose the Cheapest One


CDN servers are an absolute must in some situations and if you’re looking to have a competent and responsive website that people will visit in large numbers, you really don’t have any way around it. However choosing the cheapest cdn shouldn’t be a burden. There are plenty of CDN solutions out there which can make your website truly shine, and they don’t charge you your entire life savings nor your mental health. It can be an easy to set up and to manage service, provided that entrust your cause to the right service providers. That’s where this guide comes in, as it offers important information about what to look out for when choosing your CDN server so you don’t end up paying a small fortune. By being a little bit careful, you can actually get away quite cheap.

How powerful is their resolve?

This is of course pretty obvious but it has to be stated nonetheless. When you’re reviewing potential candidates you always want to look at just how powerful the service provider’s servers actually are. Based on that, you can decide whether or not they can offer you what you need. Figuring out which is the best among several providers shouldn’t be that much of a hustle since you can do a simple A/B test to determine which is the fastest.

Look beyond the big names

The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing a CDN server is that you don’t have to go for the world famous, renowned service providers in order to get great quality service. You can find other CDN providers which offer a really good service but without the inflated price tag. Doing a little but more research will show you that there are actually a lot of options you should take into account.

Response time

The response time of a server determines how fast the website will respond to a browser request. If you don’t have a good response time, you will not have an enticing website because people will be frustrated with the poor quality of the navigation. The whole point of getting CDN is to make it easier and more pleasant for people from all over the world to access your website. If you’re going to hire a CDN provider, you might as well make sure that you get rid of the problems that you hired the provider for.

Everywhere and every time

Another tragic turn of events would be to find out that your newly purchased CDN suite comes with a curfew and that your website is going to have to deal with some downtime now and again. That’s just not an option so you absolutely need to make sure that you choose a CDN provider that will provide 100% uptime. More than that, it need a solid network which will guarantee spotless connectivity in all four corners of the globe. This will ensure that anyone trying to visit your site will be able to.