Technology That Can Improve Your Golf Game

Whatever our handicap, and whether we play for fun or competitively, we all want to improve our game and shoot even lower scores. Practice makes perfect of course, so never underestimate the importance of the driving range and putting greens, but it’s easy to hit a rut where you just don’t seem to get any better, however many hours you put in. Thankfully, modern technology can help your overall game grow in ways that you wouldn’t think possible. Here are four of the very best golfing gadgets on the market today, and whatever your experience and ability, they can make a noticeable improvement.



Golf Simulators

High quality golf simulators are the closest you can get to playing on a golf course without leaving your house. Technology has moved on hugely in recent years, so you’ll be able to play using the simulator in exactly the same way as you would on your favorite 18 holes. The even better news is that the price has also fallen significantly, making these incredible items available to more people than ever before. Specialists in this field such as Rain Or Shine Golf provide the best golf simulators under 10k, and they’re a great gift for yourself or the golf lover in your life. As well as allowing you to play golf in all weather, they also provide expert analysis, allowing you to iron out weak spots and hone your game.

Tracking Device

Golf in its purest form is a very simple game; after all, the only equipment you absolutely need is a ball and a set of clubs. It’s also a game that can provide a large variety of numbers and statistics, however, and understanding your own personal numbers, and the science behind your own gameplay, can bring dividends. That’s where a tracking device, such as a Trackman, can prove invaluable. It not only tracks the ball, it can also help you assess the spin you put on it, its trajectory and launch angle, and the power with which the ball was hit. Simply assessing the large amount of data produced can be fun, but it can also help you improve how you strike the ball.

Bunker Simulators

Great golf technology comes in all sizes and at all prices, and here’s an innovative idea that is eminently affordable. This clever piece of kit doesn’t simulate a full bunker of course, but then again it doesn’t have to. It simply holds the ball in a cup, which can be adjusted for height and for the amount of ball visible. Using the bunker simulator thus allows you to practice and perfect chipping out of a number of bunker scenarios, one of the hardest skills in golf.


Even the greatest golfers rely on their caddies when it comes to distance judgement and club selection, but us mere mortal golfers rarely have that sort of expert assistance available. That’s why rangefinders can be one of the most useful pieces of golfing equipment you’ll ever buy. By utilizing incredibly accurate laser technology, they give you a true indication of how far away the hole is, or any other point on the course that you may be laying up in. Armed with this information, you’ll know exactly which club is best for you in any given situation.

Advancing technology is changing every aspect of the world we live in, and that certainly applies to golf too. To gain rapid advances in every part of your game, then a golf simulator is hard to beat, and artificial bunkers, rangefinders and ball trackers can also give you added information and added confidence. That’s a winning combination, whether you’re a novice on the fairways or captain of your club.