What Makes Slots the Most Fun

Slot games make up a majority of the games that are offered in gambling establishments both online and offline. These sets have grown from machines reserved for the elderly and women to command a following unmatched by any other game category. The propelling force behind the high appetite for slots among players is driven by various factors that are continuously exploited and improved by software developers. These features help push the mystery, adrenaline, and illusion that come with spinning the reels.


Wide Availability

Nearly all popular online gaming software developers have vested interests in supplying the gambling market with fun play, for instance, indian dreaming slot online. Such widespread provision leaves gamblers with a vast range of choices that count in the thousands. The continued demand for these games also sees their constant production with some companies making several releases per month. Therefore, gamblers do not have to look too far or for too long to run into a large number of slots. This status makes them the center of attraction in gambling destinations, and they popularly grace the Hottest list of games in gambling sites. Some of the online gaming software providers that are responsible for the most played slots include:

-NetEnt                                                                       -Betsoft

   -Yggdrasil Gaming                                                       -Play’n Go

                 -Microgaming                                                              -Red Tiger Gaming

                -International Game Technology                              -Rabcat Gaming, etc.




Gameplay Simplicity

Slot games boast one of the most straightforward gameplay procedures online, which makes it accommodating to players of varying gambling capabilities. The basics of the strategy are maintained the same in nearly all titles, so no new skills have to be acquired when playing a new slot. Usually, the procedure goes as follows:

Adjust the bet value. Depending on the slot, players are required to change the coin denomination along with the number of them that will be used on each play line or spin. In some cases, only one field is provided.

Set the bet lines to remain active for each round if they are adjustable. The higher the number of bet lines left active, the better the chances of landing a winning combination.

Spin the reels. This step can be conducted manually or in automated motion. The consecutive spins can be stopped using various functions in some slots such as single win limits and balance increment and decrement values.

A few more steps can be included depending on the set, but the simplicity of the procedure does not change. No skill has to be applied, once the stake has been placed and the reels have been spun.


The simplicity of gameplay can be considered an upside that makes slots so loved, but it can also lead to dull sessions since not much action is demanded from gamblers. Therefore, over time, game developers have adopted the use of themes to add an entertaining touch to pokies. Themes define the settings and storylines within which slots are built in to make their gameplay about more than just spinning the reels. For instance, in the slot Gonzo’s Quest, players are taken on a conquistador adventure of El Dorado in search of the treasures that lie within its borders. This exciting adventure is still taken using the spin-to-win procedure, but players work towards a different goal that of other slots. Some of the most focused on themes online include:

   -Egypt                                                 -Fairytales

  -History                                              -Mystery

-Asia                                                    -Magic

   -Food                                                   -Animals

-Sports                                                 -Battle

             -Nature                                                -Holidays, etc.

Themes determine the appearance of a slot from the grid to the icons that appear on the reels. Christmas slots, for example, feature elements like Santa, evergreen fir trees, presents, elves, reindeers, etc.

Wide Bet Range

The entry of gambling on the online platform has seen both low and high rollers catered to amply when it comes to the placement of real money bets. Slot machines stand among the games that demonstrate this accommodative nature expertly with stakes that deep as low as a penny. In most cases, the penny is used as the credit unit to calculate the stakes that are used. Accordingly, the value can go higher than just a penny per spin since one has to adhere to minimum wager limits. Even so, bets as small as ten pennies can be used, which makes slots ideal for low spenders.

On the larger side, high rollers can also find accommodative sets that accept wagers as large as five hundred pounds per spin. Achieving the highest wager value is done by using the maximum number of win lines, coin denomination, and the number of coins.

Dependency on Chance

The undemanding nature of slot gameplay is accompanied by the little to no application of any strategies that players can use to change the odds in their favor. Slots provide winnings through the formation of combinations by similar symbols out of those that appear on the reels. These combos are either determined by play lines or the icons landing on adjacent reels only. The symbols appear randomly after each spin. Those that show up are determined by random number generators that produce thousands of codes per second, making it impossible for one to predict spin results. Therefore, punters depend entirely on lady luck for the provision of payouts. This factor makes slots an adrenaline-pumped game that has players constantly curious about whether or not they will win with little influence on their part.

Big Wins

Most of the biggest wins online are sourced from pokies, especially those that are fitted with a progressive jackpot feature. This addition collects a pooled prize by cutting portions of the fixed wins landed by gamers. The amount keeps growing until it is won. Usually, the feature is triggered randomly, and the amount is granted by completing a special round. The biggest payouts in casino history are from slot games, and those awarded online include:

Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah is a slot game by Microgaming that is based on a Saharan adventure with a classic appearance and not much action to go by. Even so, this laid-back title is responsible for the most significant win in online casino history that went to a soldier in the United Kingdom in October of 2015. The pooled prize amounted to more than 17 870 000 euros.

Mega Fortune

The Mega Fortune jackpot win of 2013 by a Finnish player previously held the record with slightly over 17 860 000 euros. The game is a NetEnt title, and like Mega Moolah, it does boast a classic development despite offering massive payouts. The latest significant win from the set of 9 200 000 euros was paid in April of 2017 to an anonymous gambler.

Even in games with fixed prizes, players still enjoy impressive wins that rank in the hundreds of thousands, which are a significant attractive feature to gamblers. However, punters should keep in mind that landing them depends entirely on chance.

Bonus Features

Players can explore a range of bonus features in slot games aside from the winnings granted by character combinations. Such bonuses are added as a way to break the monotony of spinning the reels or let players enjoy a chance at payouts without using stakes of their own. Usually, the bonuses are triggered randomly or by the appearance of unique icons such as scatters. The most popular slot bonuses are:

Free spins: These are the most popular of all slot incentives, and they usually allow gamblers to spin the reels without incurring any bets. However, the winnings accrued are credited to their balances like in normal gameplay.

Pick Me Rounds: These rounds usually present players with various items that are hidden most of the times to reveal different prizes. The rewards can be free spins, multipliers, credits, and others.

Gamble feature: The gamble game is usually triggered after a winning spin, and it gives players a chance at double or nothing. Most gamble features include a downfacing card and players have to guess its color. The correct answer earns double the wins.

Casino Bonuses

Casino rewards are widespread online, and most of them are targeted at slot games. One of the most popular categories of incentives in gambling clubs is free spins, which are specially built for use in slots. Even with cash bonuses such as match promotions, these sets carry the highest clearance rate that makes them the ideal choice to meet the tabled wagering requirements. Typically, the contribution rate is 100%.

Parting Shot

Slot games come with a lot to offer online gamblers, which makes them a fun indulgent. Most of these upsides can be explored in free to play modes using the demo versions of the games. Others like progressive jackpots are reserved for gamers using real money.