The Top 3 Counter Strike Global Offensive Tips for Summer of 2017


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, also known as CS GO, is a first person shooting game that allows you to side with terrorists or with counter-terrorists in a fantasy world. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the latest expansion of the popular game series released by Valve Corporation, was launched in 2012 and has since drawn millions of active users from all over the world. It was also among the first games of its kind to feature a cross-platform multiplayer feature that allows Windows, Mac, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 users to team up and battle against another team. This change helped increase the level of connectivity among gamers in player versus player (PvP) mode.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive also features two new exciting PvP game modes namely Arms Race and Demolition Mode. In the Arms Race mode, a player will be rewarded with a better weapon for every kill that they score. The first player to kill their opponent with every weapon wins the match. Demolition mode is the exact opposite of the Arms Race mode. Instead of rewarding with a stronger weapon, a weaker one will be awarded to a player who scores a kill.

Two new features of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive include the leaderboard that allows elite gamers to compete for the top ranks and the matchmaking system which pits players in a match based on their skills and experience. But even with the balanced matchmaking system, some players still find it difficult to climb up to higher ranks. In order to improve your rank and your overall gaming experience as well, then consider these top 3 Counter Strike: Global Offensive tips for summer of 2017.

1. Get the best cheats, hacks, and bots to improve your game.

If you want to dominate the game instantly without spending too much time to improve your skills or a lot of money to buy upgrades, then you should consider getting the top CS GO Cheat. This feature-packed program includes top-of-the-line aimbots, triggerbots, ESP, spawn protection, Chams, and much more. Get the latest, fastest, deadliest, and most secure CS GO cheat at at a reasonable price. Score massive kills and start working your way towards the top.

2. Optimize your settings for better gameplay.

One of the most important changes that you should perform upon installing the game is to lower the mouse sensitivity to around 400 dpi and the in-game sensitivity slider to roughly 2.0. It will be normal to feel uncomfortable at the start, but becoming used to this setting will greatly improve your aiming skills in the long run. You may also change the color of the crosshair to get as much contrast to something similar to yellow or pink. A 64 fps frame rate is also the recommended setting for smooth communication with the game servers.

3. Practice a lot of your aiming and shooting.

This tip is pretty straightforward and should become more effective as you progress in the game. You may play with aim maps that feature walls at the neck height so that you can practice aiming and shooting at the head for more powerful kills. Because of the effect of the recoil and the spray pattern (technically the direction of crosshair movement upon continuous firing), you will need to learn how to counter these movements so that you won’t lose your target. Practice aiming and shooting using different weapons, stances, and directions and speed of movement. Also, remember to only reload when the weapon is totally out of bullets and do it in a safe area.