Video Games vs Online Games, which is better?


Arrival of smartphones has changed the lifestyle of people. Exponential growth in mobile phones and improved connectivity has made things a lot easier for people.

The lifestyle is changing and people want to shop online and play games on secured and reliable websites like Adda52 Rummy. People, mostly children and youth, are glued to their smart phones rather than sweating it out in the middle of a playground.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has included gaming disorder as an illness in its International Classification of Diseases. It is natural that anything in excess can harm a person. Popular saying in Indian languages is even Ambrosia in excess can turn into poison. One should do things in moderation and Online Games provide scope for control.

More and more youngsters are turning netizens and youth prefer to play games online. Rummy players are no exception and a vast majority of them are gravitating to online rummy on popular sites like adda52rummy.

“Updates on online are much faster than console games,” says Niranjan, an avid gamer who spends a couple of hours regularly to relax after a 12-hour grueling work. He doesn’t want to fit into the proverb “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy”.

Nirajan is changing with changing times and adopting himself to new technology. “I was playing video games and card rummy in my teens. That’s no thrill.  Now, world is changing fast and new games are being added regularly. I can access them online as connectivity is far superior now. The experience is superb,” Niranjan adds.

Niranjan, who is lover of rummy, says now he plays regularly the card game online and he gets a chance to battle for the honors with the best and excellent players. “You will invariably meet new players while playing online. The case is not the same with console games (video games). Also, payments in Online Rummy are prompt and transactions are all online,” the 30-year-old pharmaceutical company executive says.

Developers roll out new games with additions to make packages more attractive for users. The updates are instantly available on Online Games. In video games, the upgradation time could be more and at times the system may not be compatible for the software changes.

The user misses the kick. Also, people can play online games at their convenience and comfort and they need not have to go to a parlor. Now, video parlors have turned into gambling dens in many places and police keep raiding them. There are cases of students and youth going into depression and getting addicted to video games. A large number of visitors wager money in such parlors. They operate without permission in many centers as betting is illegal. Change is constant, they say and it is very apt for gaming industry.

According to KD Market Insights Report: “The demand for games in India is on an upward curve, and the country now has more than 200 game development companies, with at least two start-ups coming up every month. The India Digital Gaming market is projected to register a double-digit Compounded Annual Growth Rate dominated by revenues from mobile games.”

The report also says mobile is the fastest growing segment, as well as the most significant revenue generator owing to the increased average time spent on smart devices and the inclination of gamers towards mobile and online gaming.

The research report and Niranjan’s experience back the claim that Online Games are better and will continue to dominate the internet. In the days to come, people will migrate in droves to Online Games because of sheer joy and experience.

Do Not get addicted. Play how much is in need. It improves your concentration, skill and is fun too