Want to promote your Telemedicine Portal? Read this

Telemedicine offers patients healthcare on the go. Services like online medicine delivery, online diagnosis make it easy for people to access healthcare from home. Plus, it makes doctors treat more patients with a lesser waiting time. After all, there’s a reason why 90% of physicians agree to the benefits of telemedicine. Still, many people are still not quite aware of the concept of Telemedicine. Here’s how you can promote your telemedicine services and improve the traffic on your portal:


Want to promote your Telemedicine Portal_ Read this!

1. Keep Your Target Customer Base in Mind

The most important aspect to consider before setting up a promotion plan is your customer base. Before planning any marketing strategy, you must be aware of what kind of people are attracted to your brand and what group of people can be brought in as new customers.

You need to conduct a survey to find out which region is densely populated with your customer persona, the most common reasons for patients wanting to consult doctors, the diseases for which maximum customers order medicines, the time range in which most of your customers prefer to schedule an appointment, etc.

Knowing the answers to all of these questions will help you plan a better marketing strategy that will attract more customers from your target group. Not just that, you can also customize the services you offer to suit the requirements of your target customers.

2. Educate People and Make Your Portal Easy to Access

A lot of people are still only learning about Telemedicine. It is crucial that you make your Telemedicine services more accessible to these people while also educating them on how it would benefit them.

Include links to your telemedicine services on your website, all your social media handles, and all the emails you send to your customers. The easier you make it for them to use Telemedicine services, the more likely the customers are to try the services.

For instance, companies like Pharmeasy are leveraging every medium to educate their target group about the multiple telemedicine services they have to offer like medicines delivery, etc.

Along with making your Telemedicine services easy to access, you must also put up plenty of posts on your website and social media handles to educate people on the benefits it has to offer and the details of the services your company offers.

3. Promote it amongst Health Workers

While it is important to educate patients about the benefits of Telemedicine, doctors and hospital staff must be educated about it too.

The biggest problem with Telemedicine has always been the lack of eligible clinicians on the platforms. When doctors and hospital staff would be well aware of the services, they’d recommend their patients to use Telemedicine.

That is why it becomes essential to focus on promoting telemedicine amongst the hospital staff too. Try to inform all doctors about how using Telemedicine will only help them in treating a greater number of patients in a lesser period of time, all the while maintaining the quality of the diagnosis.

4. Learn from Feedback

For a student, the marks on their answer sheet are the way to know how they performed and in what areas they can improve. Similarly, for your Telemedicine services, reviews, and ratings by users will tell you if your portal is working well and how you can improve it to suit the patient’s requirements.

This may seem like a mundane activity, but it’s crucial if you want to improve your services and attract more patients. You should include an option for users to review the service right after their consultation with a doctor or after the medicines they ordered online get delivered to them. Learning about their opinions on the overall experience will let you know about the desired changes to make your Telemedicine portal more accessible.

5. Utilize content marketing to improve your reach

Nowadays, when people start to notice any sort of symptoms in their body, the first place they go for information is the internet. Looking through articles on the internet gives most people an idea of when to see a doctor. This is where you can step in to help the patient and promote your Telemedicine services.

You need to put up content on your own website, or on other blog sites that have details about when a patient should see a doctor. While your article can help a patient understand if they need to visit a doctor, you can also include a link to your Telemedicine portal and ask the patient to try and visit the doctor without having to go through the trouble of coming to the hospital.

Integrating content marketing into your strategy for promoting your telemedicine services will increase the number of people who get the details of your services and will subsequently, increase the number of patients using your telemedicine portal.

Telemedicine is here to stay. It is definitely going to be the future of healthcare and that is why it becomes important for you to have a strong customer base right from the start!