Last Day! Over 10 Millions Tracks for 49¢ on Google Music

This just hit my inbox, I guess I haven’t being pay as good attention as I should as today is the last day for the Google music sale. I didn’t even realize they were having a sale so I think I ‘d better head on over there later today and grab some music as 49 cents per track is pretty good. You can also get albums for only $4.99 each, but today is the last day or your last chance to get in on the sale…




We’re proud to offer you over half a million albums for $4.99 and over ten million tracks for 49¢. Search around the site for your favorites—we promise you’ll find something you like at a great price! Few things in life are more important than music, and, since we launched the music store in the Android Market a few weeks ago, we’ve sought to connect you with the tunes you love.

* Promotion excludes single albums with original retail price above $15, double-albums, and tracks with original retail price above $1.29. Google Music artist hub and Sony albums and tracks are also not included.