Activision’s Wappy Dog, Out Now For Nintendo DS

Wappy Dog is the next thing in virtual pets and I want one, well my kids want one, no I want one! This thing looks cool, you can raise it and play games with it and it’s much more than just a pet animal on the screen of your device. I think this in one that will be on a lot of holiday lists this year and for $50 I think they’ll sell a lot of them.





Players raise Wappy through five distinct age phases, from playful puppy to full-grown pooch; the dog’s voice, songs, and behavior all change to match its maturation level. Each pet provides a personal, customizable experience including stickers that come bundled free with the game and the ability to choose digital accessories and color options. Unlike real dogs, Wappy’s needs and thoughts never have to be a mystery — the game will translate more than 350 dynamic barked responses!

A highly portable pet, kids on the move can enter "Travel Mode," allowing them to care for Wappy’s needs only with their Nintendo DS. Additionally, in-game toys, grooming, and environments provide even more ways to interact with the pup when not spending time with Wappy at home.  When they return, switching back to the default "Home Mode" will automatically sync up the physical toy with all growth Wappy made while they were away. In "Home Mode", Wappy will react by cheering, crying, or wagging its tail based on the player’s performance in competitive, cooperative, and supportive virtual mini-games. Across both modes, the player can nurture, train, and play with Wappy, which will affect development of mood, skills, and even personality.

Wappy Dog is available now on Nintendo DSfor $49.99. This game is rated E for Everyone by the ESRB. For more information, please visit