AT&T Samsung Captivate Gets Gingerbread

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Wow, this really surprised me, I didn’t even hear about this coming. I guess I honestly gave up, I recall reading that it wasn’t getting anymore updates so I just stopped paying attention. The update page says it will erase everything on your phone but I did the update a little bit ago and everything was still there. So who knows if it’s the same for everyone.





    Android Gingerbread Highlights

    New User Features

  1. Download Management.

    • Intuitive Text Input.

      • New layout for larger fonts and easy inputs

      • Word prediction. Multi-touch for numerical input (Shift + Numbers)

      • One-touch Word Selection and Copy/Past

        1. UI Improvements

          1. Fixed Top-menu in Gmail.

          2. Voice Search added into the search categories.

          3. Vertical play mode added for YouTube.

              1. New Developer Features

                  • Enhancements for Game.

                    • 3D Graphic driver updates

                    • Additional Khronos standard such as OpenSL ES, EGL for better multimedia performance

                    • Concurrent Garbage Collector technology imbedded to reduce lags in playing games





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