Clickky AdExchange Reached 20K Mobile Offers


During the last few months Clickky AdExchange experienced significant growth and reached 20K Mobile Offers. Currently it is the largest automated mobile ad platform in the Eastern Europe.

Clickky AdExchange platform offers an easy ad campaign exchange between mobile advertisers, publishers, affiliates and advertising networks with Clickky API. It provides its users with a unique opportunity to access 20K+ mobile ad campaigns at the very moment.

After it’s launch in summer 2015 Clickky AdExchange quickly scaled up from 5K to 20K+ mobile offers.

Clickky AdExchange benefits:

? With Clickky API you can access more than 20K mobile ad campaigns at any time.

? Really fast and extremely easy API integration.

? Offers from all over the world.

? Opportunity to view and access the best mobile campaigns from lots of networks via single API.

? Easily customizable ads.

Clicky AdExchange offers access to a wide variety of advertising formats and ensures complete ad campaign control. The automated mobile advertising platform provides networks and agencies with access to hundreds of traffic sources via Clickky API.

“We are constantly growing, aiming to provide our clients with the best services possible.The Clickky AdExchange platform offers a unique opportunity for advertisers and publishers from all around the world. With the increased amount of mobile ad campaigns, Clickky users will have every opportunity to reach their marketing goals,” says Valentine Bondarchuk, Clickky’s CRO.

About Clickky

?lickky has become the leading platform for mobile traffic monetization in emerging markets. The company offers a variety of efficient solutions for mobile web and app publishers. The Clickky platform provides quick integration and high eCPM rates. With it’s user-friendly interface, Clickky helps publishers to reduce the amount of manual work required for ad campaign management.