EagleTech Intros Neptor KB300B Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard

EagleTech haws just announced a new portable foldable Bluetooth keyboard that can be used with the iPad or other tablets and surely other devices. The keyboard is only 5.9” when folded and extends to 12.1” in size with a price of $69.99 and it has a charge of up to 30 hours.



EagleTech USA, a trusted brand of premium audio systems, tablet, and mobile accessories, has announced the launch of a new Bluetooth foldable keyboard for the iPad(R) and tablet devices. The Neptor KB300BF represents the company’s commitment to mobility and convenience.

"The inspiration behind NP-KB300BF was to provide an answer for consumers who needed more out of their tablet device — from the working professional, the college student, or the everyday user. This keyboard gives you the power to be mobile and to bring out capabilities that your tablet would not usually have. We are moving towards a wireless digital age where our customers will appreciate the freedom and convenience that this foldable Bluetooth keyboard offers."

The keyboard is stylishly masked in white leather and magnetic closures, a look that will surely make you stand out amongst your colleagues. Its light and compact design makes it 5.9" folded and extends up to 12.1", a size that lets the user carry with ease without sacrificing the ability to type fast and comfortably.

KB300BF equipped with a compatible command function so both pc and mac users are able to use it. An on-screen keyboard feature lets the user move freely and continue using the tablet without having to be near the keyboard. One full charge provides up to 30 hours of continuous use which providing superior performance so the user can work more and worry less. It is available for an affordable price of $69.99 at all major participating e-tailers.

For more information on the Neptor KB300BF and other tablet accessories, please visit us at: http://www.eagletechusa.com