Felix Launches the MonkeyOh Combination Phone Dock

Who doesn’t love a monkey right? The MonkeyOh is a dock for your phone, but it’s also a cord wrap and stand that plugs right into the wall to let your charge your phone while the monkey holds your phone tight! Price is only $14.99 and you can get one right now..



Felix, the creator of clever, stylish and fun accessories designed to enhance your mobile life, announces the availability of MonkeyOh.  This unique, versatile dock also serves as a cord wrap and stand for your iPhone, iPod or most smartphones.  It’ll take the clutter out of your space so you can live and work carefree while keeping your device close by. 

The dock features a novel monkey design with “arms” that hold on tight to your smartphone, and sturdy feet with a rubber non-skid bottom to make sure your phone won’t move around when propped up on a desk or counter.  This little monkey also comes with a “backpack” which is a cord management system.

Users can slide their Apple power adapter into the MonkeyOh’s backpack slot, plug the USB end of the power cord into the monkey’s mouth, and wrap the cord around the backpack.  Then plug it into your nearest wall electrical outlet to charge your iPhone.  MonkeyOh will keep your device off the countertops so it’s not susceptible to any potential damage, and, most importantly, it eliminates a messy area. 

The versatility with the MonkeyOh makes this accessory a must-have item for anyone.  It can also serve as a stand to prop any smartphone in landscape or portrait viewing angles which is ideal for watching movies, FaceTime and more. 

Portable (3” X 3.5” X 3.5”) and lightweight, the MonkeyOh can be tossed into any purse, backpack, or luggage without adding any bulk.  It is compatible with all iPhone and iPod Touch devices as well as most other smartphones including the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy S3. 

MonkeyOh is available in four color combinations: red-on-black, black-on-black, white-on-white, and red-on-white.  It retails for $14.99 at www.felixbrand.com.